Buying a car is an exciting experience, allowing you greater freedom and independence to explore and grow. Many people fear purchasing a vehicle with mechanical issues as it adds another inconvenience to daily life and costs you more money. An estimated 66 percent of lemon cars show signs of mechanical issues within the first month of ownership.

If you’re worried about buying a used car and ending up with a lemon car in the driveway, then you must research. The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about lemon law and the steps to take when purchasing a used vehicle.

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Ask for a Vehicle History Report

You must ask for a vehicle history report when shopping for a used car. The history report divulges any accidents the vehicle has been in during its lifespan. You’ll also see the maintenance report on the vehicle’s history, so you’ll know if the previous owner serviced the car as advised.

Safety recalls are another essential tidbit you’ll gain from a vehicle history report. Only make a purchase after learning about the vehicle’s history. Consider visiting this lemon laywers information page to get the protection you deserve.

Take a Test Drive

Test drives are illuminating experiences if you know the issues to look for. The seller refusing to allow a test drive should be a massive red flag that you’re purchasing a lemon car. Check how the car drives at different speeds, and listen to any issues coming from the engine or transmission.

Pinging or knocking noises are a bad sign that the vehicle has significant issues. Having a friend with you is also wise so one of you can inspect the smoke coming from the exhaust pipe when the car starts. Black, grey, or blue smoke is a sign of a severe issue that could cost you a ton of money.

Get the Lemon Car Inspected

Most consumers don’t have expertise in cars, so it’s best to find a mechanic you trust to check out the used car before you sign any paperwork. Take this step even if the vehicle passes the test drive with flying colors. An independent mechanic will give you their honest opinion and help you make the best decision when purchasing a car.

A car inspection could cost you up to $200, but it could end up saving you thousands. Use a trusted mechanic and the lemon law to protect your finances from lemon cars.

Protect Yourself from Buying a Lemon Car Today

Knowing what to look for when shopping for a used car is essential if you want to avoid buying a lemon car that becomes a money pit. Get the car inspected by a trusted mechanic for potential mechanical issues, and always take the used car for a test drive. You should also take a long look at the vehicle history report to play things safe.

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