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The pet medication industry in the United States is valued at $9.8 billion. That industry statistic isn’t surprising when you learn that 78% of dog owners and 62% of car owners buy medication for their pets.

Your pet is your best friend and giving them medication can help give them a long and happy life. But, how do you know that they truly need medication? And when you figure out that they’re in need of medication, how can you find the perfect prescription?

Keep reading to learn how to select the best pet medications.

Visit Your Vet

You should never ever administer pet medicine before consulting with your veterinarian. Even if you are 100% of the condition your pet has and the medication it would take to treat it, always pay a visit to your vet first.

During the appointment, your vet will give your pet a full physical. They will make sure the condition that your pet is suffering from isn’t caused by any other underlying issues.

Your vet will recommend a specific medication based on your pet’s exact needs. They can then write a prescription to ensure you get the correct medication and dosage.

Look for Generic Options

When it comes to your pet medical needs, the bills can quickly add up. Once you know what kind of medication your pet needs, you should consider looking into generic medications.

Generic medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They have the exact same active ingredients as the name-brand drug but at a fraction of the price.

Don’t be tempted by just any discount pet medication. Instead, always check that they have the exact same active ingredients and dosage. Just like with human medications, the wrong drugs could make your pet’s health condition worse instead of better.

Compare Prices Online

If you’re on a budget, you should consider buying pet medications online.

Usually, when you visit your vet and they recommend medication, they’ll try to sell it to you through their office. But, oftentimes, these prices are higher than you’d pay through a different source. Instead of buying directly through your veterinarian, ask for a written prescription.

Then, do your due diligence by comparing pharmacy prices. Call your local physical pharmacies or pet stores to see if they offer the medication. Then, look at online pet pharmacies to see how their prices compare.

Why buy expensive flea medicine through your vet if you can get the same medication for the fraction of the price online?

Shop Smart When Buying Pet Medications

The most important thing to remember when buying pet medications is to shop responsibly. You need to take the same safety measures when buying medications for your pet as you would with yourself.

First, speak with your animal’s vet and seek their advice before administering any medication. Then, to save money, look for generic medications with the same active ingredients. Finally, compare prices between physical and online pharmacies so that you can buy your pet all the medications they need.

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