neon glow in the dark ice cubes

Most people who hold parties tend to use conventional ice cubes but why not spice up your party by doing something a little different. Try making ice cubes that glow in the dark, are colored, flavored, different shaped or even a mixture of all.

Imagine the impressed look on your guests faces when you hand them a glowing drink.
So here is how to make it.

1. Prepare Ingredients.

You will need water and either neon coloring to make the glow effect or food coloring and if you want to give a fruit flavoring add some fruit juice.

2. Boil The Water.

Using a pan boil the water, this helps to create a nicer clearer ice and also the water needs to be boiled to remove excess minerals.

3. Allow Water To Cool Add Ingredients

Water must be cool before adding ingredients.

4. Add Coloring

Add the neon food coloring to your desired amount and mix very well. If you want different colored ice cubes then add your desired food coloring.

5. Boil Water Again

You should boil the water for a second time, this helps to remove any excess air and minerals.

6. Allow Water To Cool Again.

Once again the water needs to be left to cool down. Leave for several hours.

7. Add Fruit Juice (Optional)

If you want flavored ice cubes then add the desired fruit juice.

8. Place In Freezer

Once the water has cooled pour the mixture into an ice cube tray or a novelty tray if you prefer and then place in the freezer.


After several hours the cubes should be solid and ready to enjoy them anyway you want. If you have any other glow in the dark party ideas then add them in the comments section below.