Through the last years IG has been gaining more and more popularity as the platform that offers lots of opportunities to businesses: with the targeted ads, the shop and the FB business cabinet it has won the right to be called the best social media for small, medium sized and big brands that are willing to find a decent channel to communicate with their audience and expand their sales.

However, if you’re a newcomer, this is a gift and a challenge for you at the same time: there are thousands of talented content creators out there who are not willing to share their audience just like that. To overcome that obstacle, you need to learn a thing or two about social media promotion first. In this article we will give you 4 great tips to use in 2022, if you want to promote your new resource independently. You’ll learn if you need to buy Instagram followers, is there a possibility to reach success without a SMM manager by your side and what free tools are out there for you to grab.

1. Don’t neglect the opportunity to use an activity chat (better, several ones and once).

These are the chats where content creators gather to give each other a hand of help and support the posts that desperately need support right now: they exchange the links to them and ask each other to like and comment, subscribe even, for a favor in return. Yes, it is going to take some of your time and effort, but the results are going to be totally worth it – you will be able to make your posts valued and your profile will gain its first subs.

2. If you don’t want to spend time on that, just buy those followers.

Yes, it works greatly, especially if you find a place to buy real Instagram followers. If your new subs are going to be people, not bots or fakes, then Instagram itself will start recommending your posts as interesting ones to other people way more often. This is how a paid service can naturally induce growth and development of the page.

3. Interact with the audience of bigger bloggers in your and neighboring niches.

Choose several profiles that you like the most (and that have the most followers) and spend half an hour on them, commenting and replying to people who have already commented. While doing that you have to have a very clear and speaking main picture and a username which will tell your opponents who you are and what you’re doing on that platform without you even speaking about it directly. People should feel interested in your opinions, so don’t try to spam them, you will quickly get blocked by the content creator. Act like a real person and try to interest commentators; this way you will be able to get several dozen subs as well.

4. Place a targeted ad at the end of your promotional plan.

The people who are going to come to you because of target should see that your account is successful and valued: this way they won’t be hesitating whether they should subscribe to you or not.