Everybody loves bouncy and fresh hair but it is not possible for everyone to have the same quality of hair because of many reasons.

For example hair quality depends mostly on the scalp of the person, in order to have a good quality of hair like frizz-free, bouncy, sleek, and glossy hair, you need to have a clean and sweat-free scalp without germs and bacteria. Therefore to flaunt beautiful hair it’s important to know How To Get Rid of Scalp Build Up and Excess Sebum because that is the root cause of all problems.

First, let us understand what scalp build is up; scalp build-up is nothing but plenty of dead skin flakes that can be noticed on your shoulders which is similar to dandruff. The flaking of the scalp skin is called scalp build up it is the primary reason to attract germs.

Reasons for scalp build-up are basically the hair care regimen, natural causes, and excess usage of chemical products or products that are not suitable for the scalp. Majorly, scalp build-up occurs because of sebum that is the excess oil that is secreted by the scalp. It is very important because it keeps the hair moisturized however if your skin or your hair is oily or greasy the sebum build-up gives adverse effects.

Ways to get rid of scalp build-up and excess sebum:

Generally, scalp build-up forms a layer between the follicle and the hair, thus, the scalp build-up does not allow the nutrients from hair oils or other products to enter into the hair follicles because of which the hair loses freshness. So, it is very essential to have a clean scalp.

Using the right products, firstly, it is very important to have a clean and fresh scalp. To have a clean scalp you need to follow the right hair care regimen with the right shampoo. Choose the shampoo and conditioner according to the hair type. Check the formulation of the shampoo or the conditioner for the hair type like damaged hair, oily hair, for example; shampoos that include sulfates are very dangerous for dry, brittle, and damaged hair however these same shampoos are best for oily hair because they are excellent in removing sebum. Shampoos that have silicon sodiumlauraminopropionate do not have properties to remove sebum therefore it will not totally dry the hair hence it works best for dry damaged and brittle hair.

pH levels in hair are equally important to be maintained hair as in the skin. The pH level should be balanced however due to hectic lifestyles and getting dressed up in a hurry people make use of a lot of products and hair styling equipment’s that damage the hair because of excess heat. Hence use DIYs or products to balance the natural pH levels of the hair. Apple cider vinegar is a scalp cleanser and has restoration properties that balance the pH levels. There are many methods to remove the build-up with apple cider vinegar however it is best to use 1 part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts of water and rinse the hair after you wash it with your normal shampoo. this is an excellent way to cleanse the build-up on the scalp and it adds a healthy glossy finish to the hair.

Scalp exfoliation; the normal skincare routine includes exfoliation however, the scalp also needs exfoliation. It is a process that helps to remove the dead skin cells which require you to scrub the scalp with gentle scrubs. The residue that clings onto the roots and the scalp creates many hair problems therefore scalp exfoliation is important at least twice a week. However due to scalp problems if you have any skin irritation or infection you should not be exfoliating the scalp. There are many hair exfoliators in the market however there are many d i y recipes also which act like exfoliating scrubs for example combining sea salt and olive oil with few drops of lemon juice is an excellent way to exfoliate the scalp after hair wash. You can rinse the mixture from the scalp thoroughly after 30 minutes with warm water and shampoo.

Regular and thorough hair wash; though, you use the best products in the market it is very important to have a proper routine of hair care. Washing hair regularly is the best medicine to keep away germs and itchy scalp and flaky scalp. As you wash the hair thoroughly all the residue and build-ups are completely washed away from the scalp.

Use gentle and minimum products; whatever is your hair type try to include as few products as possible in your hair care regimen because multiple product usage can harm the scalp and you will not be able to understand why the irritation is occurring.

Old school methods, including traditional methods like hot oil massage, combining cold-pressed oils, adding micro nutrients in the diet and external applications will give excellent results