Man and horse have had a mutually beneficial relationship for thousands of years. To own a horse is the dream of millions of children all over the world. Now that you’re an adult, you may have the freedom and ability to have your own horse.

Even though horses are considered to be domestic animals, they are not the same as cats and dogs. Horse care requires time and attention that goes way beyond other domesticated pets. So in this article, we’re going to give you the rundown on how to take care of a horse.

As you read this, you’ll get a sense of whether you have the time, money, and personal resources needed to give your beautiful horse what it needs and deserves.

Home Sweet Home

You will need to provide a stable for your horse. It does not have to be elaborate or luxurious but it does have to be clean and dry. This will give your horse respite from the heat of the day and the cold elements during the winter.

You will need to decide on whether your horse can run into the stable whenever they like, or whether the stables are better located away from the fields. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Keep the stable as clean as you can. You should clean it daily, removing muck and old hay. A clean environment will help prevent your horse from getting an infection and contribute to their good wellbeing. You should also invest in high quality horse fencing to keep your horses safe within your property.

More Than Sugar Cubes

Horses prefer to graze throughout the day rather than eat a set meal like humans. Therefore you will need to supply hay that they can eat at their own pace through the day. If that’s not possible or not practical for you, then they can eat a combination of hay and other foods like grain.

Besides this basic food, it is good to supplement their diet with vitamins and other specialist foods according to the needs of the breed. Keep in mind that your horse’s nutritional needs will change as they get older, get pregnant, or are involved in certain activities.

Care Routine

As you’ll see, horses need a lot of attention. You may wonder who is the real master in this relationship. Your daily routine will include horse grooming.

The horse’s coat and mane will get matted with dirt and dust from outside and as they sweat it will cling to the skin. Giving your horse a good brush down will remove all of this and give you a chance to inspect for any injuries.

You will need a set of brushes for different parts of the horse such as the face, mane, and tail. The movement of the brush will stimulate good blood flow in your horse which is good for their overall health. Grooming will be a time to bond with your horse so learn to love it.

Horse Travel

There may be occasions when your horse will need to travel. It could be you’re moving house, going to a show a long way away, or having to visit a specialist horse hospital. Whatever the reason, it’s good to know that horsebox is not your only option.

Horse air transport can be arranged and is very comfortable for your horse given the circumstances. Less travel time over a long distance in an airplane is often better than traveling a long distance in a horsebox.

How to Take Care of a Horse Successfully

In this article, you’ve read about how to take care of a horse. We’ve covered some of the basic elements that will give you a good idea of what’s involved.

Looking after your horse successfully will be a lifelong learning process. That is part of the joy because owning a horse is a lifestyle choice and not just owning a pet.

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