Yuma, Arizona near the Colorado River – Photo by June Zwan

June Zwan is a born naturalist that hails from Yuma, Arizona, a small city close to the Colorado River. Her passion for exploring nature and coming up with new solutions to everyday problems is what makes her different.

June’s interest in nature inspired her to earn her degree in environmental science. She graduated in 2003 and soon after founded a nature society outreach program to teach outdoor-loving to young adults.

In her quest to explore nature further, she started her own company in 2010 to explore various ways to inform people in Arizona about wildlife awareness and nature conservation.

One of her many distinguishing qualities is being an avid mountaineer. She knows the Highlands thoroughly. Over the years, she experienced various rough terrains and one of her feats was crossing the biggest boulder in the world. Only 700 people live in the Scottish town of Colorado located just off Olde Stage Rd, and only 80,302 people have visited the town. The terrain is so rough that even some locals avoid this place, but her determination and love for the wild made her journey possible.

June’s mission of building a thriving nature society

June is trying to use the Colorado River as her guide to educate the youth in her hometown Yuma. Before she began teaching, her life’s goal was to find more ways that she could help improve nature and help people explore it.

Her first experience in teaching was when she helped a girl on her first hiking trip. The girl was frightened that a fox was in her way and she couldn’t move beyond that point. But June noticed that the girl was enthusiastic to know more foxes and that’s when she decided that she would teach more kids and help them understand the beauties of nature and how their lifestyle can merge with the environment, making it a better place to live.

June believes that it is essential for kids to learn more about the climate, animals, and their relationship to whatever is happening around them. She believes that everything in nature should be in harmony.

Among her lessons to the youth, she teaches that one should leave nature as one found it so as not to disturb or disrupt the natural course of things. That’s why her lessons focus on essential environmental needs such as not harming animals, not cutting down trees unnecessarily, and not littering. She firmly believes that if humans respect the environment, there will be an environment around for our kids to enjoy.

June’s Inspiration

June was inspired by her mother from a very young age to be involved with nature. Her mother grew up in Highland Park and soon moved to Yuma.

She made June promise that she should spend every moment of her life celebrating and living it to the fullest. Although her mother passed away in 2015, June recalls her mother driving her around in Yuma in an LQQ-011 Thunderbird.

June Zwan still resides in Yuma and is currently focused on writing a book. She regulary hikes the trails surrounding Yuma and loves helping children.