Annually, hundreds of thousands of international students choose Hungary for its benefits and high quality education system.

Most of the students opt for Hungary to experience a lifetime semester and lots of memories. The capital of Hungary, Budapest is famous for its fascinating history, high-quality education system and breath-taking architectural sights.

The castles and palaces of Hungary are well known and if you’ll get to wonder on those streets, you won’t make much of difference between their captivating museums and extravagant hotels. A reason why Hungary has been chosen by many international students is that they offer top-rated universities and satisfies a huge appetite in the science field with the best programs in dentistry, biochemistry, medicine and veterinary studies, along with enjoyable student life.

High-Quality Education

For those who wish to change the environment and pursue their dreams of working in the science field, Hungary should be on your options list. Ranked as one of the best global universities, University of Szeged, with a total number of 20,000 students, out of which 3.000 are international students where the best subjects to be explored are Biochemistry, Chemistry, Neuroscience and Pharmacology. Here you can improve your chemistry skills and experience the best student life in just one semester.

There are more other great opportunities waiting for you in Hungary, but regardless of your area of study, make sure you enjoy your time as an international student. A good idea before travelling to Hungary would be to make short research regarding Hungarians customs, etiquette and culture so you can avoid unpleasant situations.

Affordable Tuition Fee

Besides the fact that many universities are fully open for every international student, the tuition fee in
Hungary is extremely affordable, compared with other universities across Europe. Another benefit would be that the foreign language programmes are of high standards and the range of study fields you can choose from are extremely wide.

The following documents may be helpful if you plan to study in Hungary:

● Available Passport
● All your educational documents
● 6 passport-size photos (must be colour and not more than 6 months older)
● Tuition payment proof
● Travel insurance for the whole period of stay
● The acceptance letter from the university where you’ve been admitted
● A copy after your passport photo
● Proof of housing in Hungary
● Proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses from the bank

Great Student Life and Accommodation

A great advantage as a student is that you can benefit from various discounts only using your identification card. There are lots of discounts offered for both native and international students in Hungary. For instance, on public transport, cinema tickets or even at sports events where will cost you almost half of the original price if you use your student card. These discounts are essential for every student, a reason why you should learn how to benefit from them if you wish a worriless student life.

Another great benefit you should not ignore as an international student, are the lower living costs. For this reason, Hungary is rated as the cheapest destination from the whole of Europe. So, even though other European countries may offer you cheaper tuition fees in universities, the living cost can be twice more expensive than in Hungary. In other words, student housing in Hungary is quite acceptable. You can easily find an apartment to rent with your roommate or alone. In short, once you can afford living and entertainment in you can experience the best student life in Hungary. With 30$ you can afford to buy food for an entire week, and for 10$ you can go dine out which is amazing.

You Can Work While Studying

Not everyone agrees to work while studying, but this can offer you amazing advantages. Those who choose to work during college years develop qualities that help them become more independent and strong adults. In Hungary, any student can work with the same least wage and rules. Keep in mind that every employee will take into consideration an acceptable academic background and computer skills.

Beside great educational opportunities, Hungary has to offer one of the best cultural experiences. Make sure you don’t miss those beautiful Hungarian mountains after a short visit to Budapest. There is no reason to worry if you cannot speak Hungarian because most people can communicate in basic English. Most of the time, the culture is what makes Hungary so alluring. Hungarian people are extremely proud of their culture, a reason why their traditions have remained unscathed.

If you’ve never experienced the east European student life, now is the moment. Those who are eager to change the environment, experience new cultures and learn a new language, shouldn’t skip a chance to study abroad where you may choose from plenty of libraries, cafes and eateries to meet your needs. Moreover, several places in Hungary come to life only at night, such as live music venues, bars and clubs where international students can socialize and get the most out of this experience.

Spending a semester or two abroad may improve your perspective on life which means you’ll be more independent and self-assured. According to IES Abroad, 95% of students said that studying abroad helped them improve language skill and taught them how to manage high-intensity work and meet rigorous deadlines. Regardless of where you choose to spend your semester, in Hungary, you can benefit from high-quality education, advantageous accommodation and lots of discounts.

To make sure everything goes as planned, take some time to decide whether the university you’ve chosen conforms to your needs and expectations. Studying abroad can be difficult sometimes, especially when you’re hasty in decisions or you simply can’t find comfort in a new place. Fortunately, there are practical guides you can use and numerous international student support services that will ease and better your experience, no matter of your area of study or nationality.