A group of molecules that can bond with, and help plants receive, water and nutrients, humic acid is becoming increasingly popular for plant growers, as well as farmers who grow crops, to ensure the health and lifespan of their plants as well as the soil in which they are grown.

In other words, the higher the humic acid levels in the soil there is, the greater the increase in the yields that are received from the plants or crops that are planted in the soil. Soil that is deficient in humic acid can prevent gardeners, as well as farmers, from being able to grow plants and crops with the highest level of nutrition.

Humic acid falls under the category of humus which is a little different than soil organic matter. Humus is a broad term that describes a variety of separate, but yet distinctly humic substances, while soil organic matter is a material, such as dead plants, that decomposes in the ground.

There are several substances that fall under the umbrella of humus, including humic acid, which is a dark brown humic substance that is very soluble in water when there is a high PH level in the soil. It also weighs more molecularly than other humus substances, such as fulvic acid, which also falls under the umbrella of humus along with humin.

The Physiological Characteristics of Humic Acid

Humic acids are vital as the vehicle for transporting nutrients from the soil into plant roots since humic acids can hold on to ionized nutrients which then prevents them from washing or leaching away. Humic acids are also very attracted to the area called the depletion zone in the plant root, so when they arrive at the roots of a plant, they bring with them a variety of essential nutrients that plants need, as well as water.

Tri-C Organic Humate Products

Tri-C Organics offers a variety of products that are made with humic acids, such as a Tri-C Premium Humate Granular Soil Conditioner and Tri-C Soluble Humate. These products are soil conditioners that will benefit your plants, garden, landscaping, lawn, or even a farmer’s crops. Humate conditioners increase the capacity for the roots of plants and crops to hold in the water while improving the seedbed of the soil. This means that soil erosion can be reduced greatly, and the aeration of the soil will be increased. This means the plants, lawns, or crops will have a higher tolerance to drought conditions. When it comes to the chemical aspect of these products, humates can actually increase the amount of nitrogen that is in the soil while neutralizing the acidic and alkaline levels of the soil. Humans can also increase the ionic exchange capacity of the molecules in the plant roots and in the soil while helping the plant roots and grass retain and release fertilizer throughout the roots while at the same time regulating the hormonal levels in plants that are already distressed. Humate soil conditioners will also bring back to life barren soil so that farmers can use the area to grow their crops or gardeners can still plant their flowers and vegetables instead of the land having to stay vacant.

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It is very important to purchase your humate soil conditioner from a reliable and trusted source. At Tri-C Organics, you can be assured that all humate products are very rich in minerals and organic material as well as carbon, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria needed to produce healthy plants and gorgeous lawns. Tri-C Humate Plus soil conditioner is created from a homogeneous blend of Humate as well as gypsum. Tri-C Premium Granular Humate Soil Conditioner is a product that is created to eliminate the amount of dust that is produced since dust can often become an issue, while gardeners or farmers are utilizing humic acid as a topical or maintenance treatment for plants or crops as well as lawns and gardens. All of Tri-C Humate products by Tri-C Organics include both micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients that are part of the essential nutrients that plants and crops require to grow, flourish, thrive, and become fruitful. Tri-C Humate products are available in several forms that are very beneficial to all soil types as well as for all plants, lawns, landscaping, crops, and gardens. Tri-C Humate products will not only assist in the development of deep root systems for your plants and grass, but they will also provide the fuel that is needed for microbial activity to occur while improving the health of your plants and lawn and helping them to resist diseases that can occur in plants, grass, and crops.