The honor x5 is the best phone award at CES this year. There is to be sure the honor x5 is the best-looking smartphone you are able to get from the price point of view. Although the honor x5 is a strong phone for the cost, it is arrested by a big, buggy port layer on big top of Android, also as a few functioning issues in the examination. But still, it gets the best phone award so that you can buy this phone as your next phone. Honor x5 UAE price is AED 245 nowadays.

Design, Display, and Characteristics:

The general design of the honor x5 resembles the superior HTC One M9, with its soft metallic back and square photographic camera lens. It evaluates 6.0 by 3.0 by 0.3 ins (HWD) and considers 5.6 oz.s, creating it a little bigger and heavier than the other brands. That stated, the all-metallic chassis is scarce to find at this cost, and the honor x5 actually gets the feeling of a less affordable device.

The device is acquirable in black, gold, and white variations. It bears a white glass bezel on the face and napped silver finishing on the back. In that respect, there are double speaker units on the lower edge, a fingerprint image scanner on the rear, and clicky power and volume push buttons on the right hand. The fingermark scanner is fast and tractable. At that place, there is as well a fused nano SIM/microSD slot and aside small SIM slot on the left hand.

Network Performance and Connectivity:

The honor x5 lets in LTE bands 2/4/6/7/12/17, providing you to utilize it on AT&T and T-Mobile. Connectivity on some carriers is solid although T-Mobile listed the best download and upload speedings in our test area. In that respect, there is no double band Wi-Fi or NFC, which is not strange for phones in that price series.

C.P.U., Battery Life, and Camera Results:

The device is high-powered by an average range Snapdragon 616 C.P.U. and 2GB of RAM. It is far best than the Snapdragon 410 in the rival phone. The device found an AnTuTu rack-up of 35,200, less than the rival brand’s MediaTek-powered. It hardly edged before in PCMark’s Work Performance examination, showing a mark of 3,699. Just put, the Qualcomm chip had better be performing best.

Software system and Pricing:

The honor x5 is carrying Android 5.0 Lollipop, and simply EMUI 3.1 software system layer is planned to make it appear more comparable with other OS. On that point, there is no app drawer, and so all of your apps are set up on the home screen, and most of the stock apps, suchlike the texting and camera apps just like other brands’ phones.

Bottom Line:

If you are planning to buy honor x5, then you can as you can find everything in it that the average user wants to have in the phone. The honor x5 UAE is available at AED 245 with all its features included.