The words gambling and betting are normally associated with sporting events yet that’s hardly the case anymore; you could bet on a whole lot more, even on the possibility of humans someday coming across extraterrestrial life.

Betting offers come in many different shapes, even when the outcome is not as predictable as a sports result.

Most of the top betting sites such as kasyno online blik now offer odds on TV and movies. If you’re a regular television viewer, you’ve probably debated over who will come out on top at the business end of shows such as The Bachelor, American Idol, and Survivor. So why not put some money on it? You totally can!

What’s more, you don’t have to take a trip to Las Vegas or even visit a local betting house, you could wager on your preferred outcomes from the comfort of your couch (or bed). Betting on entertainment has actually been a thing in Europe for several years but it’s just catching on in the United States as the Supreme Court has voted for recreational betting to be allowed in states. Persons aren’t allowed to vote on political outcomes at physical locations but there’s nothing preventing them from doing so from an overseas betting site.

Folks could find bets on the shows mentioned above, as well as others like The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, The Masked Singer, and Big Brother. Typically, odds are placed for reality TV shows at the beginning of their seasons and update after each episode until the very end.

Reality TV isn’t scripted, in terms of outcomes, and it’s a sensible betting avenue considering that fact. However, you could still find bets on totally scripted entertainment. Game of Thrones was a massive punting option prior to the end of the final season. Fans could have placed bets on which characters would be the first to die or who would ultimately rule Westeros. Films such as Avengers and Star Wars also created betting opportunities and if you’d bet on various Marvel heroes meeting their end in the final movie, you’d have been in luck.

Fans could find bets on outcomes that don’t have much to do with the on-screen action too as odds are also offered on casting options. You could bet on The Rock becoming a certain character – Black Adam has been pushed back indefinitely, so that opens up your options – or whether Daniel Craig will reprise the James Bond role in the franchise’s next movie.

Taking it even further, bets could be had on the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Emmy’s, VMA’s, etc. You could take punts on who wins what award but some sites also offer bets on fun twists like what color dress or suit whoever will be wearing or which winner will have the longest acceptance speech.