Did you know that in the United States, there are over 1.1 million car sales per month? Out of all car sales in one month, over 800,000 of them were either pickup trucks or SUVs.

Essentially, there are plenty of people in the United States who want a pickup truck and who want a new car. If you happen to be someone that wants both, you may already be thinking about the 2023 selection for trucks.

What are the best trucks? Is there one that you have your eye on?

This guide will show you some of the most highly anticipated ones for 2023.

Ford F-150

One of the most popular American car brands out there is Ford. The F-150 is just one of many trucks that they have available for 2023.

This is a 2-door truck that seats three people. You can either get a V6 liter engine or an 8-cylinder engine.

You get about 20 miles per gallon with this truck and the length of the truck is 209 inches. The height is just over six feet tall at 75 inches.

One of the most popular versions is a four wheel drive truck. You do not have to break the bank for this truck compared to some other ones in its class. The MSRP for this starts at just under $45,000.

Ford F-150 Lightning

We said above that the F-150 was not the only truck from Ford available. The Lightning model is slightly different from the original F-150, but a solid choice nonetheless.

Unlike the F-150, the Lightning is a 4-door vehicle that can seat five people. What also differs about the Lightning model is that it has an electric motor compared to the V6 offered by the F-150.

It is also slightly longer and taller. The length is 231 inches and the height is 77 inches. As for the MSRP, the price is a little bit higher. Here, this vehicle starts at around $59,000.

Ram 1500

To get to a new car brand, let’s look at one of the trucks that Ram offers. The 1500 is one of their most famous ones and for good reason.

This truck’s engine is 5.7 liters and has eight cylinders. You have a four wheel drive option and the gas mileage is not the best at 19 miles per gallon.

The length and the height of this truck hold their own. The length is 228 inches and the height is 77 inches.

As for the MSRP, it is the most expensive truck on the list so far. It starts at over $67,500. However, the good thing about this truck is that there is a Ram extended warranty. The warranty here is very friendly towards the buyer too.

At the very least, you can get three years and 36,000 miles covered. However, depending on what warranty you are willing to get, this can be stretched out to eight years and 150,000 miles.

So, if you are someone that values that with your truck or if you are just someone that wants a little extra coverage, perhaps this is something that you may want to factor into your decision.

GMC Sierra 1500

Looking at another new car brand, we have one of the trucks that GMC offers. This is not the only type of 1500 truck model out there by GMC, but it is one of the more popular choices.

Like the Ram, this is a 4-door truck that seats five people. Its largest engine has six liters and eight cylinders. They have trims available in both four wheel drive and two wheel drive.

The main cons are that the gas mileage and the length are not great. You only get 16 miles per gallon with this truck. The length is just 210 inches and the height is 75 inches.

As for the MSRP, this remains in the manageable category at just under $58,000.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

We have yet another American car brand on this list (like all of the others so far) with one of Chevrolet’s most popular trucks. Like most of the others, this truck has four doors and it seats five people.

The engine has 6.2 liters and eight cylinders. As for the gas mileage, it is the worst on the list offering just 15 miles per gallon.

The length of this is the same as the Sierra at 210 inches. The height is 75 inches.

As for the MSRP, it is the highest out of any truck on this list. It is about $70,000.

Ford Ranger

Finally, the list is going to conclude with yet another Ford truck. This one is the Ranger and like most of the others, it has four doors. However, it only seats four people.

Out of all of the trucks listed, the Ranger has the smallest engine. It has just 2.3 liters and four cylinders.

However, the gas mileage is one of the best on this list. It offers about 21 miles per gallon.

The length is 210 inches and the height is just 70 inches. One of the best things about this truck may be the price. The MSRP is by far the lowest on the list here at just under $34,000.

Learn More About the Best Trucks

These are just some of the best trucks that are available in the 2023 class. If you are a Ford fan, you have plenty of options with the F-150, Lightning, and Ranger. However, any of these American truck companies are great with Ram, GMC, and Chevrolet putting out great models.

If you want to get a good warranty with it, the Ram is there for you. For more relevant information, check out our Autos section.