Customizing your kitchen display cabinets can be tiring yet fulfilling. After all, your kitchen cabinets should have their own flair no matter what they are—cubbies, shelves, hooks, those with a glass, or a mix of all these.

Whether it’s your home office, your classic cabinet or your kitchen cabinet display, any of those should display a unique aesthetic that highlights your personality. In this article, we will give you some concepts for you to have inspirations when you decide to redesign your kitchen display cabinets at home.

Whether you want your new kitchen display cabinets to be functional or just attractive to the eye, the customization that you do with the heart of your kitchen is what matters most. The changes you make and the embellishments that you add to your new kitchen cabinets are vital in enhancing their function, purpose, and their look.

A curio as old as time

Okay, everyone has seen this classic but gold before. Who hasn’t seen a three-level shelf covered by a classic pane of glass? The most common, the shelf that’s often open is reserved for all collectibles. Men haven’t totally figured out why women have to display their gems, but, of course, the feminine gender does. Although most of them are just there for no specific reason at all, these things that you display here hold some special place in your heart. Whether it’s a souvenir from one of your trips or your mom’s hand-me-downs, seeing it instantly brings back old memories that we cherish. Other people suggest that when you’re married, display one of your souvenirs from your own wedding for you to remember celebrating love.

Keeping a part of the shelves uncovered gives you a space for decorations that you can change depending on your mood or the season. After all, personalizing your expensive or discount kitchen cabinets based on your taste shows your personality and creativity.

Also, the type of glass that you will be using is important as it adds to the overall look of your display kitchen cabinets. Most interior designers suggest that you pick a frosted, water glass, or seedy one to create an alluring effect to catch the attention of your guests.

A home-office type

Do you feel the need for something that stores your home office things, space where you can take a quick look to different business documents, or merely a charging area? Shelves, built-in cubbies, and other types of cabinets will do a great job in creating a useful home-office space. Just pull out a table and place it in your kitchen so it can provide you with a makeshift workstation without actually remodelling your house for an actual home-office space. Aside from saving money, you can also be productive while doing something very important in the kitchen, like cooking a family meal.

A small kitchen office hub is great for working moms who need to review some important documents while waiting for the dinner meal to simmer on the stove. You can try putting in some 3-level shelf and some embellishments to make it interesting yet also functional.

Create an open kitchen storage

This type of storage is definitely having its moment today. Say goodbye to a row of covered cabinet boxes with some storage accessories that improve the motif of your kitchen. Instead, say hello to the 19th-century design for the kitchen– open kitchen storage. This type of storage provides convenience as it offers you easy access to the mugs, dishes, silverware and other kitchen necessities that you and your family use on a daily basis. This smart concept for a display cabinet can be added with some dramatic lights under the cabinets to give the impression that you are showcasing what is placed there.

In addition to that concept, a small wine cellar with some shelves is also a nice idea. The shelves are perfect for holding some of your bar contents and glasses for accessibility. Pair it with a glass cover to protect your most expensive bottle, making it alluring for your friends and family. This is perfect for bachelors as they mostly invite some of their friends to their place for some private drinking sessions.

Creativity and a Personal Touch is the Key

These concepts for your display cabinets can all be customized and designed to your liking. Whether you want a new display area that you can turn into a makeshift home-office desk while waiting for tonight’s dinner to be done, or an area where you can showcase your greatest keepsakes, the most important thing is to know how to customize it and design a layout that will serve you well without putting the functionality in jeopardy. It only takes a creative bone and the right combination of accessories and embellishments to produce a kitchen display cabinets that will flaunt what your kitchen has to offer.