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Buy Celebrity Sperm For $25,000 And Have A Celebrity Baby

A British company called Fame Daddy has started selling sperm donated from celebrities offering wannabe mums the chance for a celebrity baby.

For all women who have dreamed to get a child with some celebrity, UK clinic Fame Daddy has prepared a pleasant surprise. For only £15,000 ($24,250), their dream can be realized. So, wannabe mums can pick from a range of “top quality celebrity surrogate fathers” and choose donor dad from the various fields such as sport, entertainment and business (all donors are leaders in their fields, with a proven track record of success). The website lists a range of “sample profiles” of typical sperm donors, including an Oscar-winning actor, a member of the House of Lords and an ex-Premiership footballer.

Fame Daddy chief executive Dan Richards said: “Our vision is to help women give their children the very best chance in life. To be able to harvest potential from the global gene pool, rather than from the more limited selection of the men she comes into direct contact with, is a major evolutionary leap for women. We will offer a range of top quality celebrity surrogate fathers. Whether it is talent on the stage or pitch, having a world-beating voice, or just being very beautiful, Fame Daddy will have the perfect celebrity surrogate daddy.”

Unfortunately, the identities of A-list father will be well kept secret, because the donors have been guaranteed anonymity. Celebrity dads will also be required to sign a legal waiver of their rights to access to the child (to provide financial support or even to see the child). So, if you didn’t catch some famous footballer, actor, or rock star for your husband, from next February, at least you can get his child! For more information visit