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Newly opened apartments in Singapore allows wealthy people to park their supercars in the living room. The cars are taken up in a special lift and residents all the way up to the 14th floor can have their dream car parked in their apartment.

Located at 37 Scotts Road, the 30-storey – Singapore, the luxury development by Hayden Properties is the first in Asia to feature car parking within the apartment units, with the car parking area separated from the living space by double glazing.

The condominium consists of 56 units, including 52 three-bedroom units of 2,700 sq ft and two 3,200 sq ft junior penthouse units.

Each unit has parking space for two cars. The remaining two units are 7,100 sq ft triplex penthouses with interior customized to buyer specifications, serviced by an internal lift and come with a rooftop garden and swimming pool. They can accommodate four cars each.

Drivers stop their vehicles at a designated point in the basement, exit and undergo a biometric scan, whereupon elevators take the car up to the correct unit in an automated, driver-less process.

According to a KOP Properties, this is the tallest building in the world with garages. The residential units in Hamilton Scotts starts at U$ 7.5 million.

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