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Guy Grows Frankenstein Shaped Pumpkins For Halloween 1

A farmer in California has been preparing for Halloween by growing pumpkins in the form of Frankenstein’s monster. These shaped pumpkins are currently for sale and would make a cool alternative to the traditional Jack O Lanterns.

The great thing about these shaped pumpkins is that you don’t even need to carve them out, they look creepy enough as they are, but then again imagine how much more awesome they would look with glowing eyes.

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Guy Grows Frankenstein Shaped Pumpkins For Halloween 2

These pumpkins are the creation of Tony Dighera who is calling them ‘pumpkinsteins’ but they don’t come cheap, each one costs $75. Even though they are more expensive than a normal pumpkin you have to realize how much work and money has gone into making them. The machinery alone that made the Frankenstein head molds cost Tony $200k.

Tony is the first person to try such a way to grow pumpkins but it wasn’t easy, for starters the molds took some careful planning to avoid the risk of the fruit rotting. The timing was also crucial, each mold had to be fitted at the right time or it wouldn’t work.

Despite the $75 price tag these Frankenstein shaped pumpkins have proven to be a success this season and so Tony is considering to create heart-shaped watermelons for Valentine’s Day and white pumpkin skulls for Halloween next year.

Guy Grows Frankenstein Shaped Pumpkins For Halloween 3

Wouldn’t you love to buy one for Halloween?

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