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Your food intake could lead to the growth of pimples and severe acne. You need to reevaluate what food you eat and determine the nutrients you get from it.

Being mindful about what we put into our bodies can sometimes be the hardest to do. In this case, can help you figure out what you can and can’t eat. What parts of your diet you should think of dropping, and which parts you should encourage to keep.

It also helps if you are aware of what type of food you normally eat that leads to acne growth. These are some of the foods you need to let go of if you want to start seeing healthy skin again.

Refined Sugar

Eating refined carbohydrates increases the chances of developing acne. It includes bread, crackers, and pasta. Rice and rice noodles are also other sources of refined carbs. Soda also contains a high amount of sugar. Apart from skin problems, you are also at risk of having other diseases because of sugar. The problem is that it is easy to absorb sugar into the bloodstream, leading to a spike in insulin levels, which results in the production of acne.

Dairy Products

You need to avoid milk especially if you are in your teenage years. It is easy for you to develop acne when you include milk in your diet. Like sugar, milk could also increase the level of insulin in your blood, and it is responsible for the worsening of your skin problems.

Fast Food

Even if you like eating crispy fried chicken and French fries offered by fast food restaurants, you need to avoid them. Apart from the limited amount of nutrients that you get from these foods, you also increase your chances of getting acne. Regular fast food intake only makes things worse. On top of that, you might also suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Omega-6 Fats

If you are familiar with Omega-3, you know that this nutrient is good for the body. You also know it as the good fat. The wrong kind is the Omega-6. There are links to increased Omega-6 food intake and inflammation levels of the body. Eggs, wheat, and foods fried using vegetable oil cause Omega-6.


Although there are contradicting studies regarding chocolate as the culprit for the growth of acne, it is best if you avoid eating it. Taking dark chocolate regularly for two weeks could increase acne lesions. It is unclear though what property of chocolate leads to acne growth. It could be due to the reactivity of the immune system when you eat chocolate.

You need to be careful with what you eat and avoid these food sources if possible. You can focus on dishes that have lots of vegetables. You also need regular vitamin C intake from fruits. Evaluate what you eat and start letting go of the foods that could pose significant health risks.

If you already have acne and you want to remove it quickly, you need to learn how to use vitamin c serum and wait for the problem to be over. Some people can attest that the use of the serum helped in fighting bacteria and preventing acne growth within 24 hours. Start changing now and see the effects.