Designing a website is not a simple process. The eCommerce website design is what would first attract visitors. The design should be in such a way that customers like to visit your website and shop.

There are many things that you need to consider while designing a website. Also, there are certain things you should avoid at any cost. This article lists some of the common design mistakes that are committed while creating an eCommerce website. Make sure you avoid these mistakes when you create your website.

Design is an important element in creating eCommerce websites.

Common Mistakes In eCommerce Website Design

The following are some of the common mistakes that eCommerce sites commit during the design of the website. These mistakes can be costly and may even affect your business. Ensure that you do not commit these mistakes while designing your online store.

Too Many Product Options

When you offer multiple products on your eCommerce website, you are likely to attract more customers. And with more choice, your business would increase dramatically, right? No! In fact, too many product options can leave the customers confused.

Offering multiple products can bring you more customers, but can bring down sales. Too many options can confuse the customers and make them undecided about what to choose. They may decide to go to some other website to resolve the confusion.

To prevent this situation, offer the right number of products that have variety and give your customers options to choose from. Deciding the right number is not easy, it can come from experience and from interactions with customers.

Irritating Advertisements

Advertisements are a good source of revenue for most websites. In an eCommerce website, advertisements need to be placed in a subtle way in the right place. Too many advertisements can irritate customers and even make them leave the website.

A maximum of one advertisement placed at a side or on the top should be sufficient. The cost of losing a customer is more than the revenue earned from an ad.

Wrong Product Arrangement

When you go to a supermarket, you can observe products lined up in a row or in racks one below the other. Products of one type are generally arranged horizontally with each row having a different product.

The same logic can be applied for your eCommerce website design. You can arrange similar types of products in one row and different products in each row. Studies have shown that this arrangement creates a perception of variety and makes the customer feel the website has the right mix of products.

Wrong Usage Of Images

It is very important to use images properly. There must be a balance between images and text. Too many images may overwhelm the customer. Similarly, having very few images will not be appreciated. The product listing must have thumbnails that get magnified when the user moves their cursor over it. It helps the customer to see the product completely.

Multiple images of the product from different views and showing the product in its entirety is advisable. The images should not be clip art and must be actual photos of the product in high resolution. You can spend money on hiring a professional photographer to shoot product photos to create the best effect.

Improper Product Descriptions

Product descriptions play a very important role in the success of your eCommerce website design. Your product description must be clear and specific. It must explain how the product meets the user’s needs. The description should attract users and use simple and vivid language.

Studies have shown that people remember descriptions more than images when it comes to products. Thus, proper description and the right use of text is important.

Improper Use Of White Space

White space is the space between text and images in white color. The right amount of white space helps to create a differentiation between text and images and allows the customer to perceive all that is there on a page easily.
Not using white space effectively can make the page look cluttered. It can lead to a confusing layout and may cause a customer to leave the website.

The right use of white space enhances the design of your eCommerce website

Confusing Designs

The design must be simple and devoid of too many elements and colors. Consistent use of colors and fonts across the website helps to create a sense of familiarity. The overuse of design elements can be confusing and irritate the customer.