Las Vegas is one of the world’s top 24-hour party cities with its luxury casinos, which offers breathtaking shows, and the bustling Vegas Strip.

It may be famous for the nightlife, but day clubs that host pool parties are now part of the tourist itinerary for an uber-fun stay at this Nevada oasis.

Imagine sipping mimosas on your very own cabana, or gyrating on the pool to EDM. Las Vegas has indeed reinvented your typical pool party.

Even if this is your first time or not, here are some dos and don’ts you should know before attending Las Vegas pool parties.


1. Bring your ID

Las Vegas pool parties are not the typical pool parties in a suburban neighborhood. You must be at least 21 years old to get in. Make sure to bring your ID. A passport or a driver’s license are excellent forms of identification.

2. Wear comfortable yet stylish clothes

For ladies, a cute bikini and a fashionable cover-up or sundress would keep you confident and sexy. Reserve the stilettos and heavy pieces of jewelry for your night outs. A chic pair of wedges or sandals will allow you to walk around and mingle safely around the pool area.

For men, the ideal dress code would be t-shirts and board shorts. Save your athletic wear and sports jerseys for your days at the gym.

3. Choose the Perfect Party for You

There are several fabulous Las Vegas pool parties. Review your options based on the experience you want to achieve. Whether you are into crazy parties or a more subdued, intimate gathering, there is always a club just for you.

4. Book a VIP Pass

Use a Dayclub Booking Service to get you a VIP Pass that will get you in the club of choice. A booking service can also score great deals and give you access to private amenities. It is vital to get your name on the list since the pool club gets sold out quickly.

A VIP package includes the use of a cabana or a lounge where you can comfortably take a breather after partying in the pool. You will also get a wait staff and a bus person to cater to everything you need.


1. Don’t forget to keep hydrated.

Alcohol and the heat might be a lethal combination. Keep on drinking water every chance you get.

2. Don’t get hammered.

Try to control your alcohol intake, especially if you still have big plans for the evening. Clubbing and a hangover does not sit well together.

3. Don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen.

The Vegas sun may be unforgiving, especially during the summer months, so reapply SPF 30 sunscreen several times during the day. For additional protection from the hot sun, wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. If you forgot the sunscreen, you might purchase from the club gift shop.

4. Don’t bring any liquids or pills.

Even if those are prescribed drugs or contact lens’ solution, the day club staff still won’t allow you to bring them in.

5. Don’t bring cameras or phones.

Most clubs do not allow taking pictures of other guests and selfies, so leave these gadgets in your hotel room.

A Vegas pool party is a radical experience that only this side of Nevada can offer. By following these dos and don’ts, you will surely get the most out of this awesome wet and wild party.