Statistics show that the locksmith industry grows at an annual rate of 3.5%. Among the things driving this growth is the huge number of people who lock themselves out of their cars.

In the past, losing your car keys wasn’t a major concern. Some cars models used to stick a spare key on a small box inside the bumper. Today, cars are technologically advanced, so replacing your key warrants the help of an auto locksmith.

It’s necessary to learn about the different car keys as it makes seeking the help of AAA lockout service quicker. If you don’t know the type of key you’re using, it will take time for the professionals to get you a replacement on time.

Here are a few key options you should know.

The Traditional Auto Key

This key looks almost like the classic car key. For your vehicle to start, you’ll have to insert it in the ignition cylinder and turn.

The Transponder Key

This key closely resembles the traditional key, but the only difference is with the head. It features an electrical element with buttons to lock and unlock your car. This element even has a chip that can power your vehicle.

Switchable Keys

This key comes with a remote fob that you can use when locking or unlocking your vehicle. These keys allow for remote access to your car, and its minimalistic design makes it convenient to transport.

Keyless Ignition Keys

Also referred to as smart keys, this type of key is used where the actual key should fit. The vehicles with smart keys use a push-start button system. This means that all a driver has to do is to push the start button, and the engine will start running.

Choosing An Auto Key Locksmith

Losing your car keys or locking them inside your vehicle is common for many car owners. While these are two common reasons why most people seek locksmith services, there’re plenty more you should know about.

Cost Estimates Are Important

When engaging an auto locksmith, it’s advisable to request a cost estimate. This will help you understand the amount you’ll have to spend making your new key. If your car lock requires more repairs, speak with a technician about additional costs you’ll incur.

Look Out For Insurance

It’s always advisable to have insurance coverage performed by a locksmith while doing their work. This will ensure that your vehicle is safe if it suffers damages while being repaired.

Do your research

While seeking locksmith services isn’t something you plan. However, it’s best to identify promising locksmiths in advance and save them on speed dial. This way, you know who to call when you have issues with your car.

Seek Professional Auto Locksmith Service

In most cases, you’ll need auto key locksmith services when you least expect them. That’s why it’s crucial to know your type of car keys and ways to find the right expert for a replacement. This way, you can get quality services in the shortest time possible.

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