Discover The Most Expensive Food On The Planet

This expensive food has been nicknamed “White Gold” and costs $40’000 a teaspoon. Do you know what this special food is yet?

Introducing Strottarga Bianco, a special caviar that is made from very rare albino fish eggs. But what makes this food so expensive is the fact the eggs are coated in 22 carat gold.

This food will only be available to the most prestige restaurants who have to pay $300,000 per kilo.

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This rare caviar was created by an Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell and his son Patrick. The eggs come from the extremely rare albino sturgeon and the farther and son duo only use eggs from older Sturgeon as they taste much better.

Discover The Most Expensive Food On The Planet 2

Even though Sturgeons can live for a hundred their species is in decline and facing extinction, hence the rarity of such caviar.

The Gruell’s have explained that one of their secrets to creating such awesome food is because of Austria’s pristine and pollutant-free water that flows down from mountain snowcaps. they also explained that the gold isn’t just for show, it can actually have a positive effect on the human body.

The white gold caviar can be used in risottos, on toast and even made into a paste to add to certain dishes.

Discover The Most Expensive Food On The Planet 3

So who wants to pay $40’000 for a small try???