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11. Rizzo the Dog

It’s not just humans that look cool in shades, these dogs seem to pull of being awesome while wearing custom sunglasses too. Don’t you agree?

Custom Sunglasses For Dogs

2. Dog in Sunglasses

3. Dog wears sunglasses

4. Dog wearing sunglasses

5. Too cool for drool

6. Riley - Paws 4 Healing Therapy Dog

8. Gotta Wear Shades

9. Cool Dawg

10. Dog with Cap and Sunglasses

12. Cool by Atlas Tang

13. Lucky

14. Gizmo summertime

15. Cheerful bull terrier in sunglasses

16. Tulip Girl

17. Cool Puppy

19. EasterBob

18. Wilson

20. Dog posing

21. Honesty as Mother

22. copper in sunglasses

25. dog on motorbike, Thailand

23. Dog Wearing Sunglasses

26. Cool Dog Sun Glasses

27. Dog with Sunglasses at Beach

28. Mocha and Sunglasses

30. Lovely Dog

29. The Dog Days of Winter

31. Heart sunglasses

34. cool Dog

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We like to give full credit where it is due so if you are or know the owner of any of the above pictures let us know so that we can give the credit that is deserved.

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