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Coffee House Design - Steampunk cafe 1

An amazing steampunk cafe has recently opened up in Cape Town, South Africa which offers clientèle a very rustic environment for their caffeine intake. This coffee house design was chosen as an appropriate conceptual reference, as both coffee roasters and espresso machines display elements of romantic, steam-powered technology.

Owner David Donde and his business partner Mike Morritt-Smith were both heavily involved in the concept and design, even physically helping to build parts of the interior.

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The 600m² (6458 sq. ft) ground floor serves as Truth’s headquarters (the top two floors were converted into office rental space) and includes: a 120 seat restaurant, café, bar and kitchen, a 3-ton Probat roaster, a barista trainee school, public event space, coffee bean warehouse, espresso machine workshop, management office, and restrooms.

You can read much more about the detail and design of this space at Haldane Martin’s official site.

Coffee House Design - Steampunk cafe 5

Coffee House Design - Steampunk cafe 4

Coffee House Design - Steampunk cafe 3

Coffee House Design - Steampunk cafe 2

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Give u your thoughts on this steampunk coffee house design below.

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For more information on TRUTH. Coffee, check out their official site here.