With the CBD market roaring in the year 2019 as a normal almost over the counter treatment option for people, there are a lot of questions still about what is the best type of CBD.

There are various forms and ways to take CBD, as well as dosages, and we’ll get into all that a little bit. But there are also different types of CBD, as their sources and parts of the plants are much different. In this guide, we’re going to talk about the best type of pure CBD oil.

Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate?

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of these terms and wonder what it is that they are. There are a lot of differences when it comes to the two, as well as what they can treat well. CBD Isolate is literally an almost pure form of CBD. It’s where they literally extract only the CBD oil from the hemp or cannabis plant and take everything out of it. It is made normally from hemp though as it literally has virtually no THC in it at all.

Full Spectrum CBD, found in the NanocraftCBD.com web store, is actually a compound of CBD that has other ingredients that are derived from the entire plant, including the chemicals known as terpenes, oils, and other cannabinoids. That being said, many people do choose this method when it comes to taking CBD primarily for the fact that it gives more therapeutic effect because all of the ingredients work together.

The downside? Well, there’s a good chance that even though you won’t get enough THC from full spectrum oil, you may possibly consume enough that it can have adverse effects on things like drug tests for the workplace.

The Way They Heal is Different

CBD Isolates are recommended more for people who take higher doses of CBD, have sensitivity to other cannabinoids and THC, or who undergo regular drug screening tests. It has no flavor and people who have THC laws governing their state can still use it legally. You can’t get high from CBD, but it doesn’t deliver all of the benefits that a full spectrum oil can.

Full Spectrum actually offers more pain relief and other benefits that the small bit of THC and other cannabinoids can aid in your body. It’s normally not as refined, but as mentioned above it can show up on drug tests or have legal complications if THC is illegal in your state to a certain extent. Some people don’t like the flavor of full spectrum oil either.


While full spectrum has its many benefits that certainly trump the isolate form of CBD, you can also see where the downsides lie and why it may not be safe to take. Nobody’s freedom is worth losing because you want to opt for a viable pain relief solution or enhance your body by increasing your CBD intake or tantalizing your CBD receptors in your body and mind.

However, there are plenty of people who take this chance because it helps with pain, mental clarity, and can also help with things like depression and seizures more when used medically. Therefore, the choice is up to you, as there is a big difference, but both are still very effective.