Do you love dressing up? Maybe for a fancy dress party, a comic con event, a convention or just for fun. Here’s favorite top 10 glamorous custom costumes

Japanese fairy warrior and defender of the piece
Best Glamorous Cosplay Custom Costumes 2

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Oriental pixie with amazing contact lens enhanced eyes
Best Glamorous Cosplay Custom Costumes 3

Emily Browning style looks great from Sucker Punch
Best Glamorous Cosplay Custom Costumes 4

She really looks like a Wonder Woman

A Japanese Superhero looks great in this bikini

West meets east, this girl from USA looks great in her oriental style fashion

Maybe her headphones are her superhero weapon

This female version of the Green Lantern looks out of this world

This cheerleader is cute but you wouldn’t want to mess with her for sure

About Cosplay

Cosplay, is an abbreviation of “costume play”, it,s also a performance art in which participants wear costumes to look like their favorite superhero. Cosplayers often get together to play out their rolls with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Most Cosplay fans draw their inspiration from anime, manga, comic books, video games, or their favorite fantasy films characters.

In Japan it is quite common to see Cosplay outfits everyday on the streets in some large cities where people accept it as a fashion statement.

The girls who participate like to wear glamorous and sometimes slightly revealing costumes and support their look with a range of accessories to enhance their characters.

We will be doing some more Cosplay and costumes articles soon so be sure to come back and check soon or if you have some of your own photos send us an email from the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Image Source: 500px

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