Gambling has always been a significant theme in movies across the world. It has Hollywood that first brought in the gambling theme in movies, and since then it has been taken up by other movie industries as well.

Fans love to see their favourite movie stars going to the casino and gambling against the opponent. Moreover, crime based and cowboy movies have the theme of gambling for added excitement. Whether it is to do with the favourite slots, the free 5 no deposit mobile casino games or poker, movies are full of gambling plots.

Some of the best movies of all times based on gambling themes

In these movies, directors have come with innovative casino based plots for the excitement and entertainment factor.

The Cooler: This famous movie was directed by Wayne Kramer and it is based on the fortune of an ordinary man. He works in a casino and wins a huge prize by the stroke of luck. The film is known for great cinematography.

High Roller: This is based on the famous gambler Stu Ungar and is one of the best gambling movies of all times. It is based on a biographical theme and has Michael Imperioli playing as Stu Ungar. Ungar was a famous poker player and won major WSOP tournaments. The movie is based on the heydays of Ungar when he was without any riches.

Seabiscuit: This is also another highly dramatic movie centering on gambling and racehorse betting. This movie is based on the jockey and his horse and how they became lucky. This ranks among the greatest underdog stories of all times. Tobey Maguire acts as the protagonist of the movie.

Rounders: This movie features Matt Damon as the main character. The plot of the movie is based on the happenings in the life of a businessman who becomes victorious in the poker game and pays for the university fees. Other main characters were played by Edward Norton and John Malkovich.

The Gambler: This again is one of the greatest movies based on gambling. This is based on the story of a professor who loves to play online slots and free 5 no deposit mobile casino games. As he wins, he gets greedier and ultimately it leads to self-destruction.

The Cincinnati Kid: This firm has Steve McQueen as the main character. This film revolves around the story of an amateur gambler who competes against a professional gambler. The movie is full of twists and excitement.

21: This famous movie is based on a true story and is based on the life of a math professor. He joins a group of students and has an unexpected turn in life. The audience will get to see interesting games, such
as poker, jackpot and online slots.

Casino Royale: Now, here comes James Bond and gambling! This 007 movie is based on the poker performances of bond and how he uses gambling to take on the villain. One of the famous scenes in the movie is based amidst the exotic Monte Carlo.