Did you know you can build your own car?

Sure, it takes 400 steps, and you have to pore through a manual that’s as thick as a phone book, but who doesn’t have hundreds of hours to devote to such a task?

Okay, most people would probably not attempt it, which is why they opt for the next best thing–customizing their vehicle. Now, if you’re looking for an easy way to customize your car, you should consider auto window tinting.

Here, we’ll talk about auto window tint prices and what you should know before opting for the DIY route.

How Much Does Auto Window Tinting Cost?

Average prices for vehicle window tints are between $100 and $400. However, your car window tint cost can be as low as $60, especially if you choose to buy a kit and tint your windows yourself.

If you prefer to have an auto window tinting company do the job, it helps to know the factors that affect tint prices. Vehicle type is the first factor. For example, if you own a coupe and plan to tint the two front windows, it’s usually a hundred-dollar job.

For an SUV, you can expect to pay at least $250 if you have all sides and the back window tinted. Tricky windows will also cost more (e.g., models with a glass roof, older vehicles, etc.).

More on Factors That Affect Car Window Tint Prices

Besides the number and uniqueness of windows being tinted, other factors that could increase or decrease your total bill are tint material, previous tint jobs, and installer experience.

There are different types of window tint, with dyed being one of your cheaper options, and ceramic and carbon considered as higher quality, therefore, more expensive. The specific tint brand will also dictate how much you’ll end up paying for the whole job. Some providers of window tinting services apply for certifications that allow them to be installers of high-quality tints like LLumar or MotoShield.

Also, if your vehicle has already been tinted, removing the previous tint may increase your cost. Installer experience is also a significant factor. Some enthusiasts consider the installation process an artistic endeavor, meaning those who aren’t skilled enough (i.e., DIYers) shouldn’t attempt it.

Is DIY Car Window Tinting Really a Bad Idea?

Auto window tinting isn’t impossible if you’re confident in your DIY skills. However, confidence doesn’t always mean you’ll get excellent results.

Your tint could come out hazy, or worse, have the film bubbling in certain areas. You also need to be sure you’re not tinting your car too dark. Otherwise, you could be breaking some auto-tinting laws.

Still, if there’s nothing that could change your mind about DIY-ing the job, at least talk to an expert who knows how to tint a car. That way, you don’t waste a kit if you make a mistake and have to start over.

Just Go With Tint

Now that you know more about auto window tinting prices, are you thinking about the best tints for your car?

Whether you hire professionals or buy a kit, don’t forget to do your homework. You can read more online or check our other posts for more window tinting tips and advice.