Every online store can increase its revenue. Apart from your market capacity, there are no limits to increasing the number of new customers and reducing customer churn.

All questions come down to your budget, time and resources. We have prepared a detailed guide to develop your online store. Here you’ll find a complete list of tips to help you increase your profits almost immediately.

The audience, first of all.

Knowing and understanding your target audience is the first place to start with any improvements in the online store. Make sure you understand your potential customers well enough. Perhaps you will find new segments of the audience that will give you a more accurate picture of the opportunities.

Start communicating with your customers. This can be done:

● By phone

● In the letter.

● Community survey or website

● Comments on social networks or forums

● When delivering goods.

It is important to ask the audience the right questions

If you know:

● How their lives are improved by your product – you will understand what qualities it is worth focusing on.

● What they want is to create an attractive offer and increase the value of the product.

● How they compare different stores – you can improve the way your products are displayed.

● How they think about the products they need – you can make your offer as consistent as possible with their internal dialogue.

● Who your customers are – you’ll understand how to present your brand and your products to them.

If you don’t have this data, start by making assumptions. At least you have an idea of the demographics and some basic information (age, gender, geographic region, needs).

Creating a target audience should not be difficult for an existing online store. After all, you have all the data. You can collect this information from a variety of sources, including

● Google Analytics

● Social media (who they are, what they like)

● CMS data (customer data, geographical regions, best and worst products, types of regular customers)

● Customer surveys

Analyzing this data will help you create a picture of your ideal client. That’s convenient to analyze it with the help of eCommerce dashboard. This will provide the company with a way forward and allow it to develop a development strategy. And don’t worry about the size of the audience.

Only then are we recommending you to get started?

Increasing conversion rates

Much of what you can do to increase revenue is to understand your customers’ true needs. You don’t need to know programming to improve your online store. In cloud platforms, which are becoming more and more popular, when creating online stores, such as Wix, Shopify you can make changes without knowledge background and code changes.

Improve visualization

Visitors to the online store are at a disadvantage compared to the offline store. They are physically unable to touch and study the products. They rely on the product description and images to make a decision. Therefore, a good visual experience greatly simplifies the purchasing decision.

Each product must have quality photos from different sides. We also recommend using images of people who use your product (preferably with persons). It is proven that images with customer’s faces attract more attention.

You can go even further and add videos with the product. Highlight its main advantages to develop the interest of a potential buyer. If a person is watching a video, the probability of buying is almost doubled! Independent video shooting of goods will not only improve the perception of goods on the site of the online store but also attract additional potential buyers from the service YouTube.

Write a stunning product description

Many stores make mistakes using only the standard product description from the manufacturer. You miss the opportunity to get more traffic and conversions through the marketing presentation of product advantages. Finalize the standard text so that it will catch your target audience.

Do not try to sell the product characteristics – this is not of interest to all buyers. The person wants to know how to solve their problem. Well written descriptions contain the benefits of using the product and position it as a solution to the problem.