Picking the best cat name for your adopted cat can be fun and frustrating. Keep reading for adopting a cat? how to pick the best cat name for your furry feline.

So, you’re adopting a cat—lucky you! And you’re not alone in your choice. According to a survey, almost 47% of US households own a cat.

But now you’ve taken this big step, you’ve got another important decision to make. A name that suits them to the nines!

Just like picking a name for a baby, choosing a name for your fur baby is serious business. And it’s part of the excitement of bringing home a new family member.

If you’re wondering how to pick the best cat name for your purr-fect pet, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for all the inspiration you need to choose the best cat name for your paw-some pal.

Cat Names—What’s the Big Deal?

According to new research, cats respond to the sound of their name. This means choosing a name that they can recognize is vital.

Many trainers suggest a one or two-syllable name for puppies in training. While cats are harder to train than dogs, they also respond best to short names and feel confused if the name is long or complicated. When choosing cat names, opt for a simpler short version.

If you’re really set on a long name, try using a shortened nickname instead. For instance, if you love the name Penelope, try calling the kitten Penny instead.

But whatever cat names you choose, don’t worry too much. Cats also respond to their owner’s voice and tone, as well as the name.

Best Cat Name Ideas

So, how to pick the best cat name? You’ve got to take into consideration their appearance, personality, and behavior. Because whichever you choose, it’s got to match their personality.

Read on for some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

Try Popular Cat Names

Some of the most popular cat names around for females include Kitty, Daisy, Luna, Lily, Chloe, Lucy, and Bella. And for males Tiger, Jack, Smoky, Simba, Milo, Charlie, Leo, and Oliver are popular.

But why stick to tradition? Choose something out of the box for your unique pet.

Look for Fluffy Inspiration

When wondering how to pick the best cat name, sometimes all it takes is one look. If your kitty has a distinctive feature, use it as a name.

Does your kitten “wear” socks or have tuxedo markings? Do they have a mustache or do they look like a baby tiger? Look at your cat’s markings and you’re sure to get some inspiration.

Colors can also inspire. Some popular cat names based on colors include Shadow, Smokey or Ginger. Whereas others choose names like Fluffy or Fuzz-Ball because of their long hair.

Check Out That Cat-titude

It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks to get to know your new pet. So, don’t rush! If you give yourself time, you can really discover your fur baby’s personality and find a name that fits perfectly.

For example, sleepy if he loves snoozing. Caesar if he acts like the king of the house. Or even Houdini if you’re always finding him squeezed into tiny spaces.

Give your furry feline some time, and they’ll inspire you with their unique personality.

Feline Theme

When picking cat names, choose a theme based on something you love. For example, music. You could pick from a long old list of names like Elvis, Hendrix, Mozart or Madonna.

Or try the names of sports stars, film stars, or flowers and trees. Mix up punny celebrity names, such as Kitty Kardashian or Katy Purry.

Another idea for cats names is to choose from food and drinks. For example, Cupcake, Donut, Popcorn or Whiskey.

Many parents name their kids after locations, so why not do the same for your newest family member? Try Milan, Tokyo or Paris. Or better yet, use the name of the pet shelter you adopted them from.

Famous Kitties

Of course, when you look at your new pet, they may remind you of a famous kitty in history. Such as a famous cartoon character or feline movie star. Here are a few examples:

· Cheshire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland)

· Garfield (from Garfield the Cat)

· Mr. Bigglesworth (from Austin Powers)

· Buttercup (from The Hunger Games)

· Sassy (from Homeward Bound)

· Tom (from Tom and Jerry)

· Thomas O’Malley (from The Aristocats)

· Bob (from A Street Cat Named Bob)

· Felix (from Felix the Cat)

· Mrs. Norris (Harry Potter)

· Sylvester (from Looney Tunes)

And the list goes on!

Purr-fect Breeds

If you’ve chosen a cat with a fancy breed, they need a classy name. Use their breed as inspiration.

Is your kitty a Russian Blue or Siamese? Cats like these sound royal. Give them royal titles such as Princess, Duchess, or Your Highness.

Or choose a name based on the location of the breed. For instance, a Scottish name for a Scottish Fold cat could be Angus. Or for a Japanese Bobtail cat, you could choose a matching Japanese name.

Silly Cat Names

While cats all have unique personalities, many of them are pretty silly. Especially when they are kittens. Use goofy cat names such as Catzilla, Fuzzinator, Octopuss, Purrson, Wigglebutt or Pawwsanova.

A goofy cat name for your pet will always bring a smile to your face, even when they’re being naughty!

Do Your Homework

If you’re still stuck for cat names, don’t hesitate to search online or break out a baby name book. For silly cat names or classic names, you can find endless options on a cat name generator. Check out this list of cat names for some of the most inspiring cat names we’ve ever heard of.

“There Are No Ordinary Cats”

Yes, as the Author Colette said, “there are no ordinary cats”. Each fluffy bundle of joy needs a unique name to fit their unique personality. Which is the best cat name for your furry feline?

Before you go, don’t forget to check out our animal page for a ton of amazing tips and hacks to give your fur baby the best life ever. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!