When was the last time you went for a car wash?

Although you may be able to wash your car yourself, it should be washed by professionals every few months. Professional car washes not only cut the risk of over-scratching your vehicle but also provide a much faster and more efficient wash.

However, not all are the same. There’s a lot more to it than you think!

If you’re unsure which car wash is suitable for you, read on. Here are the different types of car washes you need to know about.

Waterless Washes

Waterless washes provide a convenient, quick, and easy cleaning option for those on the go. It uses specialized products to lift away dirt and grime without needing to leave trails of water. Also, it takes advantage of polishing agents to help with spot removal, adding wax and protection from UV rays.

It improves a vehicle’s shine and protection. What’s more, waterless washes don’t require a complex system. Instead, this wash uses rags, sponges, and applicator pads to get the job done.

As they are such a convenient and efficient option, they are becoming more popular as an alternative to traditional car washes.

Traditional Hand-Washing

A traditional handwashing car wash doesn’t must machine, and the results are consistent and reliable. To do a handwash, a bucket, a foam gun, a hose, and a mitt are used. The car is hosed down, then foamed and hand-washed with the glove.

It’s a slower process than automated washes, but it’s also often cheaper, and the quality of the finished product is much better with the added time and attention. Click here to learn more about it.

Automated Washes

Automated car washes are a convenient way to keep your car clean, especially when you’re short on time. They are also becoming increasingly popular due to their ease and affordability. There are three main types of automated car washes — rollover, drive-through, and touchless.

The rollover option is a bay car wash where you park your car, and a machine moves around the vehicle to supply soap, water, and blow drying. The drive-through option is like the rollover, but your truck stays stationary while the brush moves around the car. The last type is the touchless version which does not use any scrubs, instead, it uses only high-pressure water or foam to get your vehicle clean.

Automated car washes provide a convenient option for busy drivers, who can ‘set it and forget it’ without worrying about anything.

Knowing the Different Types of Car Washes

Car washes come in various forms, so everyone can find one that suits their need and budget. Self-service car washes provide an easy and affordable way for car owner to clean their vehicle. Automated and drive-through car washes offer a hands-off approach to cleaning your vehicle.

Try a few of the different types of car washes to find the one that works best for you.

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