A Closer Look At the Top Five Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

Combining blockchain technology and gaming is proving to be popular with online users. Many NFT games provide opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies. Play-to-earn games come in various styles and genres, from RPG to trading card games. Here is an outline of the top five NFT games to try in 2022.

Decentraland: A Complete Metaverse Experience

Decentraland is a browser-based NFT game that intends to provide a complete metaverse experience. You can create an avatar and interact with other users in the metaverse for free.

You can trade with two primary tokens in the Decentraland metaverse; LAND and MANA. MANA is a fungible ERC20 currency you can use to buy assets or exchange with other cryptocurrencies.

However, LAND is an in-game token you can use to purchase available land in Decentraland. You can earn by developing the parcel of land into a valuable piece of real estate in the metaverse. For example, you can create an exhibition room and charge people to lease space for their digital artwork.

The possibilities of what you can create are virtually limitless in Decentraland. The game has generated a lot of attention in recent years and shows great potential for users looking to earn crypto.

Sandbox: NFT Game for Minecraft Fans

The Sandbox is another play-to-earn NFT game considered by crypto analysts as one of the upcoming NFT platforms. Sandbox has been described as an NFT version of Minecraft. However, it has attractive voxel visuals and an expansive metaverse.

You can earn by taking part in daily challenges. The game is free to play with the potential to earn NFT tokens. You can sell NFT tokens on your favorite cryptocurrency exchange once you’ve completed the quest.

The Game mode allows users to build assets in the metaverse or share them on the marketplace. You can download their voxel editor to create your own game experiences. Then you may charge other users SAND to enter the game you’ve created.

God’s Unchained: A F2P Trading Card Game

God’s Unchained is a free-to-play and play-to-earn trading card game. It is one of the popular NFT games with multiple earning opportunities for players with varying skills sets.

All users receive decks to battle against the computer or a human opponent. Every card has different strengths and characteristics that define gameplay. There are also weekend competitions with more opportunities to earn immutable X tokens.

Pirate X Pirate: Pirate-themed NFT Game

Pirate X Pirate is a relatively new NFT game released in March 2022. It is a pirate-themed virtual world with several ways to earn in-game NFTs.

You can assemble a crew and embark on an adventure on the open seas. The goal is to defeat other players and earn PXP. Users can also mint assets and sell them in the virtual market.

Mines of Dalarnia: Adventure NFT

Mines of Dalarnia is another top 2022 crypto game that is generating a lot of interest among NFT enthusiasts. Users can play the role of miners or landowners. Landowners earn DAR tokens by mining assets and battling monsters they encounter on mining sites. Combining mined assets unlocks relics and quests, allowing users to craft NFTs.

As a landowner, you will have to purchase a land NFT. Every month the game will review how you’ve utilized the land. The more active you are as a landowner, the more token rewards you can earn.

You can find many opportunities to earn crypto with NFT games. Remember to do your due diligence before committing to any venture.