10 Reasons Why It's Good To Have Three Kids

Deciding to have three kids is one of the hardest decisions most couples make. There is always the fear that one child will be the odd one out as well as many other worries. So if you and your partner are pondering about this decision then check out these 9 reasons why it’s good to have three kids and maybe they just might help you make a decision.

1. Mini-vans Are Awesome!

Having three kids is the perfect excuse to trade in your car for a roomy, fuel-efficient, family-friendly, mini-van. When other moms in SUVs see you at the carpool and scream, “You got a minivan!” just smile as you push open your sleek, safe automatically sliding doors and say, “Had to – 3 kids.”

2. It’s Good For Your Marriage

The third child makes you appreciate your partner even more because, frankly, you can’t handle three kids on your own. The next time your husband or wife does something that irritates you, you will find yourself biting your tongue. Go ahead and drink milk right from the carton, honey. Just don’t forget to change the baby’s diaper after you’re done.

3. Get To Reuse All That Baby Equipment

If you’ve already got two kids then you are probably wondering what to do with that $200 car seat and stroller. Or who to give all the baby stuff to. Then have another baby and you can put all that stuff back into use.

4. Your Car And House Is Already A Mess

If you are like me and have two kids then your house and car is probably a mess anyway so having one more won’t make a difference anyway. I tend to find the kids make a mess faster than I can clean up after them.

5. Your Older Children Will Finally Put Down Their iPads

Parents who have a third child are shocked at how much their older children enjoy playing with their youngest sibling. Making a happy baby laugh is far more gratifying than playing video games.

6. Increase Your Odds For Care At Old Age

We all want to believe our kids will be there for us in our golden years. But let’s face it, your oldest will probably blame you for everything, your second will probably move out of state, and so your third is your best chance for having an adult child who is willing and able to pick up your prescriptions.

7. Kids Are Funny

Most parents would agree that some of their best laughs in recent years were because of (or at the expense of) their kids. The more kids you have, the more you laugh. Of course, it can also mean more tears, more stress and more college tuition, but let’s try and stay focused on the positives.

8. Babies Are Adorable

When your children start growing up and become independent you’d do anything to turn back the clock and bring those early years back. But you can’t. You can, however, have another baby. Give yourself one more chance to enjoy the baby smell, the baby smiles and the adorable cuddles once more.

9. Third Time’s A Charm

Your third child will be the happiest, easiest, most fun baby ever. Guaranteed. Perhaps it’s because you’ve worked out all your parenting kinks on the first two. Or maybe it’s because your third child has to learn to wait in line from an early age. Whatever the cause, just know that it’s true. Most of the time.


If you are convinced to have that new addition to your family just remember that it’s near impossible for one parent to provide all the necessary attention that three children need. Even with two parents working together, there’s always an odd-one-out when it comes to attention. It’s a tremendous commitment to have three kids so make sure you’re up for the challenge.

Source: Divine Caroline