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Decorating your home is a fun process and is a chance to let your style, creativity, and personal sentiments make a statement.

In the abundance of so many options for home decor today, the process of making a decision can be really difficult. Same goes for choosing the right medium of print for your photos or wall art to give your house an artistic blend. Acrylic prints are a modern and trendy choice of flaunting your artistic side to the family members and visitors.

They give your pictures a depth and great image quality from edge to edge. An acrylic print is optically clear and light is able to refract through the acrylic glass. The back of an acrylic print is protected with a white UV curable ink coating, and the print displays vibrant colours having glasslike glossiness. This medium of print is a great choice for decorating your home with some eye-catching photos.

1. Selecting the Right Print

No matter how perfect of a shot you have taken, the medium you are going to print it in matters the most. Looking at a picture on your computer screen is different than making its hard copy. It can totally change the whole perspective about a certain image. A right choice of print does not only bring out the best in a photo but it also effects the ambiance of the room.

Getting your photo printed on an optically clear, .22” thick museum-quality acrylic is one of the best choices you can make. You can get this done by professionals like Bumblejax acrylic prints, or you can purchase a printer that prints acrylic and do it yourself at home. This medium of print

brings out the best in your picture because of its top-notch image and colour quality. Acrylic prints are unique, classy and have a longer shelf life compared to other types of photo print.

2. Select Your Own Colours

Before you move on to the printing process, make up your mind on what kind of acrylic prints do you want. You must make this decision keeping the furniture and colours of the room in mind. If you are setting up a new home, then it’s better to order furniture according to the acrylic prints you are interested in.

These prints don’t necessarily have to be pictures of you or your loved ones. They can be of abstract designs or landscapes, but whatever the print is it should complement the room it is being placed in. From motifs to wall paint, from furniture to decor, everything in your room should go well with your choice of acrylic prints.

3. More than Simply Acrylic

Acrylic prints come in two forms, one is the face mounted print and the other is the direct print. Face mounted acrylic prints are printed on a quality archival paper, whereas the direct acrylic prints are printed directly on an acrylic sheet. Both of these options are great, but it depends on what kind of home you will be keeping them in.

For more vibrant colours, it is recommend to go for a face-mounted print, which has a thickness between 1/8 and 1/4. And if you want your prints to last for a long time, especially if you live in a humid environment, then it is best for you to choose direct prints.

The end-result of both these prints is more than excellent, giving a bright, vivid and a three-dimensional feel. It is very much similar to the quality of painting images we see in museums. An important thing to remember is to never place an acrylic print under harsh lights or directly opposite a bright window, as the reflections can ruin the entire image’s view.

4. Form a Tribute

One great way of making the best out of acrylic prints in your home is by doing something meaningful out of it. For example, you can use them to create a tribute to the accomplishments of your family. You can also get acrylic prints of the photos of your young and old generations showing their achievements in life.

Then combine them all and make a collage and dedicate a wall to it, so everyone can have a look. A great place for best visibility is to place them in your drawing room, or at your main hall entrance. Similarly, you can do something with your traveling photos, like make a timeline out of it.

5. Image Suitability

Not all images look good in an acrylic print, so before you move onto printing, make sure the photo you are selecting is the right one. If the picture you have selected for acrylic print, has colours spanning to the edge then acrylic is a good choice as it lets the colours produce in the best manner, whereas, canvas prints only produce two-thirds of the colours of what acrylic can.

Acrylic is also the best choice for monotone and muted pictures, as it increases contrast and gives a fun effect to the image. Considering the image texture is also important before printing as acrylic maintains a smooth facade while making the colours and contrast more prominent. However, canvas prints add a matte finish to an image.

6. Modern HD Acrylic

Acrylic prints are a great choice for bringing out the best in your photos. But if you want your pictures or artwork to look like a masterpiece, similar to the ones we see in gallery displays, then

we suggest you to opt for HD acrylic prints. The prints are mounted on the back of a crystal clear layer of plexiglass acrylic, offering a great depth to your photos. HD acrylic prints are vibrant in colours and complement both indoor and outdoor lighting.

7. Acrylic Occasions

Another great aspect of having acrylic prints is their ability to look great in all kinds of settings. They are ideally-suited for the modern-style homes. Acrylic prints are bold and need to draw attention towards them, which is best possible in a modern home setting instead of old fashioned places.

Acrylic prints are tougher than other forms of prints as they are resistant to light and humidity. This makes them a great option for hanging them in an outdoor setting. So if your home is modern, or you wish to make your patio beautiful with photos and artwork, then acrylic prints should be your first and the only choice.

These were some of the many tips on how you can get the best out of acrylic prints in your living space. Try them for yourself to add a bold and modern touch to the place you call home.