Commuting is stressful; you probably know that by now. But you have to take that train or bus ride anyway because it’s the only way to get to and from work.

You’re not the only one who feels like navigating through rush hour and sitting on a train or bus for hours is a complete waste of time.

You get up in the morning, take a quick shower, rush out of the house only to find yourself not doing anything but people watch for more than two hours.

But that daily commute isn’t all that bad, really. You just need these seven tricks to not only get you through that train or bus ride but also make your day more productive:

1. See what’s really happening in the world today

You probably watch the world go by on your commute every day, but do you really know what’s happening in it? Use your commute time to wake up your mind and get yourself updated on the latest trends, news and current happenings around you. Who knows what inspiration you will find to help you be more productive at work?

2. Learn a completely new skill. Online gambling, maybe?

There is good reason that online gambling is one of the world’s favorite pastimes. In a time when people are always on a rush and on the go, nothing beats the convenience of enjoying a good game of gambling or two on your mobile device. Now, if you want to join the bandwagon, make sure that you have the basic knowledge to win some real money. Visit websites like on your commute to learn the basics of online gambling including the best casinos to visit and some tricks to increase your chances of winning.

3. Get organized with your day

If you’re one of those who like to start their day organizing their tasks, you can use your time in the bus or train to think about each task and organize them properly according to their priority. There are a lot of to-do list apps out there that you can use but

Wunderlist is one of the best because it allows you to sync it between your computer and mobile phone so you can add or delete tasks throughout your day.

4. Clean that inbox

When was the last time you looked forward to opening your email in the morning? If it has been cluttered with emails from years ago, use that hour on the way to work to clean your inbox before you arrive at the office. Gmail’s mobile app lets you delete messages, archive them or add color-coded tags so you know exactly where to look for those emails when you need them.

5. Listen to a podcast to get inspiration

Podcasts are so popular among a lot of people because it allows them to learn something new or enhance their skills just by listening. Whatever you’re looking to learn—whether it’s about business, the arts or entertainment—you can always find a podcast to spark that inspiration within you.

Plus, listening to a podcast actually makes you forget that time has already passed. For starters, you can try “The School of Greatness Podcast,” “The Tim Ferriss Show,” “Being Boss” and “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.”

6. Be multilingual

Have you always wanted to learn French, Spanish or German but never had the time to attend a real class? Use that bus ride to be multilingual. All you need is the Doulingo app that you can download for free to learn a new language or brush up on a previously learned one. Each lesson is visual, painless, short and fun. This is why Slate calls it “the most productive means of procrastination I’ve ever discovered. Before you know it, you’re already speaking French or Spanish like a local.

7. Read a book

Perhaps the most classic way to entertain yourself on a commute is to read a book. But if you don’t like the idea of bringing a huge book around, you can always read in your Kindle, iPad or mobile phone instead. iBooks has a huge
selection of titles including photography books and cookbooks. Zinio is also the first mobile newsstand in the world with more than 6,000 publications.

Finally, how about getting that much-needed “me time” on your commute? Okay, you’re in a train or bus with 20 other people, but you can always find that zen within you by listening to some soothing music and just relaxing your mind before you enter the chaos that is work.