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Putting up a website can be a good indicator of your business’ success. Especially nowadays, online entrepreneurship has been the latest trend for any millennial business owner.

This plays a vital role in establishing the credibility of the organization.

Moreover, launching your startup site to the world can be fun yet challenging at the same time. At
first release, it is common to miss some of the target goals. But with the right preparation and a good backup plan, launching one can also have a smooth process which leads to an effective and engaging website.

And so, in order to achieve this smooth process, we must first know some of the challenges we might encounter in doing so.

1. Finding the minimum viable product (MVP)

A minimum viable product is a product with just enough features that could still be developed over time. At the start, we tend to get excited and over plan by adding some features. However, it is essential to focus first on the operational then expand later on. MVP makes your startup site focus on what matters than adding unnecessary buttons which can make it or break it.

2. Design and layout

It is true that the overall interface of the website can make a lasting impression, which will either draw the customers towards the web or away from it. And so, there should be a careful selection of design and layout that perfectly fits the nature of your business. Having a poor design and layout will significantly affect your website. It will lessen its effectiveness in representing its professionalism. Thus, making it harder for the readers to support.

3. On-site copy

Building your website also includes naming the right titles for your page. You can either choose to follow the existing default titles or choose to be creative. Additionally, you will be writing some content such as paragraphs and taglines that represents you and of which is informative as well.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective online marketing strategies that increase website traffic, and its ability to be seen on the web search. Moreover, it requires on-site and off-site marketing. It is important to have knowledge of SEO or consult an SEO expert regarding your startup.

5. Calls-to-action

This is another marketing strategy that turns a visitor into your consistent and avid customer. This can be written below the page with a button that leads them directly to its purchase. You have to make sure the content of your website is interesting enough for calls-to-action to be effective.

6. Hosting

Selecting a host for your site can also make a significant impact on how your website will work. Upon starting, be ready for a few of functional limitations that may not fit your need. But, as time goes and moves into a much professional host, this can better support your site, especially if something went wrong.

7. Attracting initial momentum

Now that you’re ready to launch, you will need to establish momentum first that would increase the quality and quantity of traffic. This may be in the form of content marketing or advertising agencies. Also, be prepared to spend more cost in order to promote so people would know and see your site exist in their search tabs or pop up ads.

All of these hurdles can be addressed in a custom web application. What is custom web application? It is an application which customized your website according to your preference and needs. Furthermore, this is worth the investment because of a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.


Launching can really be exhausting because of the need to check all angles where the problem could arise from. But thanks to the custom web application for the ability to provide solution and some customization that works efficiently and user-friendly.

By the time you have pointed out some challenges that your site might be heading to, you can now better prepare and plan to resolve these. Your website can be improved as long as you are well-informed with what should and should not be done. If all goes well with launching, you can now little by little expand your site more.