In 2021, a Consumer Reports annual survey uncovered that brand-new cars disproportionately faced issues within their first year of use compared to issues faced later in the car’s lifespan. If these issues continue without getting a proper fix, these cars can turn into what is known as ‘lemons.’

Lemons are subject to different warranty rules and procedures than traditional cars. These cases, then, should be handled in unison with a certified lemon law attorney.

If this sounds like your vehicle, this guide will cover what a lemon is and detail seven signs you should hire a lemon law attorney.

What Exactly is a ‘Lemon’?

In the United States, a ‘lemon’ is any vehicle that has been recently purchased (all-new) or leased yet has come with an array of manufacturing issues that affect its value, safety, or performance. California lemon law applies the term ‘lemon’ to vehicles under this description, but with a few contingencies. You can read about them by visiting the provided link. Now when should you hire a lemon law attorney?

1. If a Manufacturer Covers Legal Fees

Under California’s lemon law, manufacturers must pay attorney fees if you win the case. If you feel like your case would be a win, definitely look for an attorney.

This significantly cuts down the costs associated with your case.

2. Lawyers Are Experienced

If you hire the right lawyer for your case, you’ll get the best bang for your buck. The right lawyers are highly experienced in lemon law and are prepared to cover everything for you.

This means that you don’t have to worry about the specifics of lemon laws and lemon law protections. The easier, the better, right?

3. You’re Tired of Paying

Lemon cars are notorious for drying out your wallet. The constant repairs and maintenance put a toll on both your bank account and your insurance.

A lemon law attorney will set you on the right track by getting the refunds you deserve.

4. The Manufacturer Seems Suspicious

Car deals are at every corner. Look anywhere on TV or the internet, and you’ll see dozens of advertisements about the newest car and where to buy it. Then, they hit you with that ‘amazing’ deal.

Some of these deals are perfectly fine. However, manufacturers and dealers can be shady in their techniques. If any of their actions, or even if the documents, look off or suspicious, you need to hire a lemon law lawyer.

5. Avoid Bad Deals

Whenever your car is labeled as a lemon, you run the risk of getting deals from dealers and individuals looking to buy your car. Oftentimes, these deals are less than half the original price of the vehicle. What happens then is that they’ll buy the car from you, get it labeled as a lemon, hire a lawyer, and make double the income back.

That’s your money and your vehicle. Getting an attorney will help you get the most out of your lemon law case.

6. You’re Planning To Hand Down the Car

If you plan to hand down your vehicle to someone in the future, you don’t want them handling the same problems you did. Early prevention is your best tool.

Get an attorney as soon as you can to save your time and money and others’ time and money!

7. Going to the Dealership Too Often

This one goes hand in hand with the ‘you’re tired of paying’ tip but in a different light. The payments are, of course, awful. But sometimes the warranty covers some expenses.

Either way, you’ll have to make hundreds of trips to the dealership. No one likes doing that. Hiring a lawyer would be your best bet.

Additional Help

These are just a few signs that it’s time for you to hire a lemon law attorney for your vehicle. Doing so as soon as possible is definitely in your best interest if you’re looking to save time and money.

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