How often have you thought of keeping indoor plants but never researched about which one to keep and only went for one on the basis of its aesthetics and appeal?

Well, plants play a very vital role in deciding the vibe of the house. They contribute tremendously to the atmosphere of the space as well as your mental health.

Therefore, it is important that you ask yourself a few questions before you buy houseplants. It is essential not just for your benefit but also to know the needs of the plant and understand if the atmosphere at your home is not contributing to its demise. Take the guide and ask these 7 questions before you buy home plants.

Question 1

– How much time can I give to the care and nourishment of the plant?

Choosing the plant should primarily depend on the fact that how much time you can devote to it. There are some plants that require a lot of care and continuous replenishment. They will be best suited if you are indoors most of the time. In such a case, Wandering Jew, Boston Fern, orchids are best suited. However, there are some easy to care plants if you are too lazy or do not have time to look after them very often like Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Christmas Cactus, Chinese evergreen.

Question 2

– What is the light level at my home?

If you are planning to buy a houseplant, you must have decided the space you want to adorn it with. Check for the amount of sunlight reaching that place. Some sun loving plants are cactus, succulents, croton, and umbrella plants. Alternatively, you can go for Pothos, ZZ plants, snake plant, Staghorn Fern and so forth which require low amount of light.

Question 3

– What are the humidity needs of the indoor plants?

There are some home plants that act as natural dehumidifier, that is, they help lower indoor humidity. Some of them are English Ivy, Tillandsia, Spider plant, Orchids, Boston fern etc. For dry and less humid space, go for Moss Terrarium, Clivia, Jade plant etc. that can well survive in drafty room and don’t require much water.

Question 4

– How should I make the right pot selection for my indoor plants?

You should choose the pot not just on the basis of aesthetics but also keeping in mind the root balls and the height of the plant. The pots should have a hole at the bottom for proper drainage. If you are shifting the plant to another pot, always go for 2 to 4 cm bigger size so as to not overwhelm the plant as it causes stress to the roots. Keep in mind that you place larger rocks at the base to keep excess water away from the roots.

Question 5

– What is it exactly that I am looking for?

The number of options available at the nursery can confuse you. So, if you do not know much about home plants and haven’t done the research, you may go on the basis of their colour and function. Example, yellow indoor plants, long stem home plants etc. and look for your pick accordingly.

Question 6

– Are my home plants safe for pets?

There are some plants that are toxic and cannot be suitable for pets. Most pets have the habit of chewing and this can be fatal if the plant is poisonous. In that case, you can place the plant at a higher position as an option. However, check the houseplant before bringing it home to avoid any hazardous situation.

Question 7

– How do I decide the home plant based on their price?

The common home plants usually come cheap and usually, tall plants are more expensive. Therefore, don’t just decide on the basis of price but also the space where you want to keep it. For instance, tall stemmed plants won’t fit a small setting and at the same time, very small potted plants will not suit a spacious apartment.

We hope you are able to make a pick of your houseplant on the basis of the guide. Keep in mind the above points and your plants are sure to flourish at your space.