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The going is getting tougher by each passing day for the international brands and companies that leave no stone unturned in gaining higher ranking on the search engines through search engine optimization and other tools.

Apart from marketing their products and services in the online world, the companies also spend a hefty amount in offline marketing to reach the maximum number of potential clients and buyers.

In our modern society, the virtual world of Internet has overwhelmed the real world. We are more reliant than ever on the online tools and gadgets to get the job done in most cases. Even if you have to make a purchase or make new friends, the Internet has got you covered. And because the Internet has outgrown everything else, the businesses are also heavily reliant on marketing their products online.

It may initially appear that it is almost impossible for a new business to make a living online. The competition in the business market is high and if you aren’t careful enough, your line of work can easily get lost amongst the millions of companies that have more experience in the field than you.

There is no need to panic though, as there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you are new to the industry or an old timer, it doesn’t change the fact that if you want people to notice your business, you need to come up with strategic online marketing skills.

One of the most basic ways to start off your online business is to develop a good home page of your business, also known as your website. As they say, “The First Impression is the Last Impression.” If you can make people take interest in your website, the path down to furthering marketing techniques will become a lot easier.

If you want to have a captivating design for your website, we have got you covered. Below, we have listed some of the things you need to consider when you start designing your website. There are also other websites such as WP Hosting & Management that can help you out within affordable rates. But even with these few tips that we offer, be rest assured that an immense amount of organic traffic is definitely going to make its way towards your webpage in no time.

1. Picking out a Domain

This is a crucial bit of information. Many people aren’t really aware of how much your domain choice can affect your website. Choosing a domain is really critical if you want more customers. Without having a memorable domain, the things your company has to offer will forever remain a mystery.

People are more likely to check out websites that have an easier address rather than the ones that have weird symbols and jumbled up words that make no sense. Choosing a popular domain, such as Google and Yahoo!, can help your business flourish for a longer period of time.

Choosing to purchase an older domain is much more recommended. Some of the best things about it is that it can give you major benefits in the SEO department. Since these sites are old, they have countless number of backlinks, pre-existing organic traffic and possibly even an Alexa ranking as well.

2. Eye-Catching Display

The appearance of your web portal plays a vital role in catching users’ attention the moment they hop on to your webpage. The more attractive the display will be, the more people will consider looking into what the site is all about.

Before you start working on the appearance, you must first consider who your target audience is and how you can attract them. Will you use a cluster of images or just one impactful background? Will you use fancy fonts or professional fonts?

A clean webpage visually attracts a lot of customers, even the ones who weren’t targeted in the first place. It doesn’t overwhelm you and clearly represents what the company would be

like behind the screens. You can also use an effective color scheme as they can trigger emotions as well. Radiant colors can be more uplifting whereas pastel colors are more calming so choose accordingly.

3. Delivery of High Class Content

Your content is your way of making their first interaction with your potential customer. Aside from grabbing the attention of your clients for more than five seconds, it also works as a multipurpose organic traffic deliverer.

Making use of content for your website can give you different kinds of benefits. Using unique and specific keywords can positively affect your ranks in the search engine results. The better the keywords, the higher the rank goes, which means it increases your sites visibility and credibility. Furthermore, it is recommended to use more than 200 words in a webpage while posting links from the credible sources appeal your users more.

However, make sure that your content isn’t a carbon copy of another site’s content. It’s easier but copy pasting someone else’s work can result in strict penalties from Google. They can remove your website link from search engine results and without that, your website is as good as dead. Have your content work go through Copyscape. It is a software that can make sure that your work is not a duplication of someone else’s effort.

4. Increase Page Loading Speed

Having things available on our fingertips at all times has become a popular demand. Meaning that speed is a factor that online businesses should seriously consider to be a useful marketing tool.

If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, your potential customer will quickly lose interest. In fact, 7% of conversion rate is dropped in every second it takes for a page to load, which can be seriously damaging for your site. Make sure that you make a webpage speed a priority and have it optimized properly.

One of the ways you can do that is use tools such as Pingdom or GTmetrix etc. Aside from the page speed information, they also give you a thorough report on the insights on your website. They even go ahead as to offer solutions for problems that your website might be dealing with.

5. Make it Mobile Friendly

It is estimated that people tend to spend more than half of their time using mobile phones rather than computers or laptops. So it only makes sense to assume that most of the organic traffic to websites comes from mobile users.

If your website is not readable or useful for mobile users, you end up losing a major portion of your online revenue. For that purpose, make your website mobile friendly by either purchasing a mobile version of your website or maybe consider redesigning your website all together.

6. Strengthen the Security

Advanced technologies means more advanced ways for cyber criminals to use and breach the security of your online business system.

Cyber security is a necessary measure needed to prevent viruses, malwares, hackers or anything that threatens to destroy your online company. Furthermore, if your website lacks the necessary security and is constantly being hacked, you lose your trust and credibility from the existing and future clients. Since your customers provide you with their personal information, they won’t trust to work with you if their private information is being put at a risk.