The US has one of the highest car ownership rates globally, with car-owning households expected to reach 132 million in 2022. By the end of the year, an estimated 290.8 million cars will be roaming US roads.

Most of the time, you rely on your car to get from one place to the next. But what happens when it’s your car that needs transporting?

Generally, your car will require auto transportation very few times during the time you own it. But on these occasions, you want to make sure that the job is handled by the best auto transport companies you can find. That’s because your car is a huge investment.

So, when do you know it’s time to hire an auto transport provider? Here are six top signs.

1. You Intend To Transport Multiple Cars

One of the top reasons people hire car shipping companies is that they intend to ship more than one car at the same time. Most car carriers can comfortably hold several vehicles. It’s the perfect solution if you run a business that buys or sells multiple cars at a time.

With a car transport service provider, you can save lots of time and energy moving your vehicles. You won’t need to make multiple trips to get all the cars to their destination. And since you’re shipping several vehicles at once, most service providers will give you a discount, bringing your car transportation costs down.

2. You’re Moving To A New Residence

Another sign that you could benefit from the services of a car shipping company is when you’re moving to a new home and have more than one car. Getting all your cars to your new home can be a challenge, especially if your new home is a considerable distance away from your old residence.

Of course, you can still opt to move the vehicles yourself, but that would mean renting a trailer to haul the extra car. It’s a lot of work for you to do. Why not let an experienced car transport professional take care of the job while you focus on other aspects of relocation?

3. You’re Not Familiar With The Area

Sometimes, the reason you need a reliable car shipping company is that you’re not familiar enough with the area to effortlessly get the car to its destination. It could be that you recently moved into the country or city and are still new to the roads.

Driving in unfamiliar territory comes with considerable aggravation. You have to worry about the weather, traffic, and accidents. These things can make your road trip quickly turn from good to bad.

One way to avoid this stress is to let a car transport company deliver your vehicle to its intended destination.

4. You’re Shipping An Online Purchase

Buying things online has become the norm, with 80 percent of the US population shopping online as of 2021. Today, you can purchase just about anything online, including vehicles.

If you’re seriously considering buying a car online, then you’ll most likely need the services of a car shipping company to drop off the vehicle in your driveway. The best thing about top auto transport companies is that they guarantee the safe delivery of your vehicle.

With a car shipping company, you know that your car is insured against any damage that happens during its transportation. Sure, damage is highly unlikely, but it helps to know that your auto transport provider has prioritized your asset’s security.

Most top auto transport companies offer car tracking. This way, you can keep track of your new car from the time it leaves the dealership to when it’s delivered to your location.

5. You’re Moving A Classic Car

Americans are big on car collecting, with roughly five million classic cars now residing in the US. Given the amount of time and money that you invest in a classic car, the car needs special care at all times, including when moving it from one location to another.

Whether you’re planning on selling your classic car, buying a new one and moving it to your garage, or taking it to a show, it’s important that all the moving be handled safely and efficiently. A reputable auto transport company can make sure it happens.

Opting to drive the car yourself can add tears and wear to the vehicle. It also adds miles to the car and puts strain on its wheels, body, and engine. Not only does all this result in the need for added car maintenance, but it can also put a dent in the vehicle’s value.

6. You’re Concerned About Your Car’s Security

Some vehicles, such as classic cars, are extremely valuable. Some are valued at millions of dollars, which makes them a hot target for car thieves. If you own such a car and need to transport it, it’s a good idea to let an auto company you can trust take care of the job.

The right car shipping company first makes sure that it’s licensed, bonded, and insured. This gives you the assurance that your car is in the best hands possible. They offer a trackable service to ensure that the car’s location is known at any given time. Get more info on such a company by clicking on the link.

Know When To Choose The Best Auto Transport Companies

When moving one or more of your cars from one location to another, you should always look for the safest and most practical way to do it. The best auto transport companies guarantee the safe delivery of your car to its destination, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear or theft.

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