As an entrepreneur, you’re responsible for marketing your products. That means you handle everything from paper brochure adverts to selling your products online.

Every year, trade shows take place across the country to gives businesses a chance to interact with their customers. Participating in these trade shows can be scary, but necessary if you want to thrive in the competitive market.

Here are essential booth design tips that will guide your business to success.

1. Fill the Booth with Your Products

Once the trade show begins, people will come to your booth to see what products you’re selling. Make sure all your products are available on the floor.

Ensure that all products available in the catalog are present in the booth. You don’t want a product on the catalog which customers cannot see or feel.

Remember, people will only buy products they interact with.

2. Ensure there is Adequate Lighting

You cannot overstate the importance of good lighting in your booth. Well, using creative and unique lights helps accentuate your booth design features.

As you know, most exhibitions have dimly lit halls. Failure to provide clear and bright lighting works to your disadvantage. Take your time to invest in a good lighting project. Proper illumination allows your customers to notice your graphics and promotional materials on your product displays.

3. Choose the Right Furniture

When discussing the right furniture to buy, people think of big pieces. However, a trading show has limited space. Be sure to maximize the available space. Nonetheless, individual pieces of furniture can fit into your booth, making it look bigger and comfortable. All this helps it to stand out.

When implementing this, go for portable and lightweight designs like inflatable furniture. The result is comfortable visitors seating while browsing through your offerings.

4. Engaging Activity

The primary goal in a trade show is to interact with customers while marketing your brand. Well, there are different ways in which you can realize this objective.

Think of different types of games and don’t panic. It might be gimmicky, but if it gets people to engage with you, participate, and have fun, it should be in your booth.

If your prospects leave your booth feeling happy, they’ll never forget the experience. Converting these leads to sales is, therefore quite easier.

5. Tell People What You Do

Unless you are apple or google, don’t assume people know you or your business. That’s true for startup and small businesses. Make sure the trade show booth design states what products or services you sell. For instance, if you’re selling honey, your booth should have something about honey. Doing this saves you and

your sales rep team to explain your products and services to every customer that comes to your booth. The potential customers will then move to specific questions they may have about your products. The exercise helps boost your efficiency levels.


A trade show allows you to market your company. Therefore, ensure you have a stellar booth design that stands out from the rest.