Close to 90% of people in the United States are planning to go on vacation when summertime rolls around. If you’re planning a summer vacation with your family, it requires you to schedule the logistics while making sure that you’re able to enjoy every leg of the schedule.

So how can you plan the best trip? We’re happy to help you out.

The tips below will help you plan out your vacation schedule so that it’s filled with fun, love, and new experiences.

1. Find Your Ideal Family Vacation Spot

If you’re looking to enjoy your vacation, you need to put together a travel itinerary that will let you make the best use of your time. This starts by choosing a family vacation spot that everyone will appreciate.

Look into a few tourist destination options that people in your family will appreciate so that you can fill it with activities that people will love. Here are some ideal spots that you might want to consider:

· Cancun or Playa del Carmen, Mexico

· Disney World in Orlando or Disney Land in Anaheim

· The Bahamas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and other island countries

· Baseball parks and amusement parks all over the country

· New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and other major cities

Consider these vacation spots so that you’re able to plan out your itinerary to the fullest.

2. Figure Out Your Transportation

When you handle your vacation planning, it’s important that you explore your transportation options. Your itinerary will depend on your mode of transportation since it dictates the amount of time that you’ll need to set aside.

If you’re taking a flight, consider things like the departure time, so that you’re able to get to the airport in a timely fashion. Find out the length of your layover and factor in the time that you need to take to retrieve your luggage from baggage claim.

When you’re taking a road trip, it’s also important that you factor in the mileage and traffic patterns, and plan out any overnight stays that might come with the territory.

3. Book the Ideal Travel Dates

Your schedule will also depend on the travel dates that you’re planning. Certain dates will allow you to fill your schedule with tours and attractions to hit. Look into booking tours in advance so that you can quickly get to your destination without worrying about tickets and lines once you arrive.

Keep your flight and hotel information in one place so that you have your booking information laid out and able to verify.

4. Look for the Best Outings and Attractions

Consider some of the outings and attractions that are available once you get to your destiny. A jam-packed schedule can be a delight as long as you space out your outings and attractions in a way that you can conveniently get to them.

Some of the best outings and attractions that you might consider include:

· Museums and parks

· Tours for product manufacturing

· Wine tours and tastings

· Beach days and outings

· Checking out historical attractions

Choosing your attractions upfront will help you squeeze more out of your days. Make sure that you mix busy days in with some relaxing days in which you don’t have anywhere to be or anything to worry about.

5. Document Your Travel Itinerary

Finally, make sure that you put together a schedule and itinerary that you can consult whenever you need to. Make use of digital apps and calendars, and tag other people on your trip on Google Docs and spreadsheets.

Having your itinerary in place will give you the autonomy to make the best decisions on your trip, and to call audibles whenever you need to. If you’re planning a Disney vacation, make sure to also track your DVC points chart in advance.

Plan Your Vacation Schedule to Fullest

Vacation planning can help you map out your trip to the finest detail. You and your family will enjoy your vacation to the fullest by applying the details above.

Get started planning your vacation schedule as early as possible so that you’re able to get the results that you’re looking for. Check out our other posts to help you when you’re ready to start planning a vacation.