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In the last few years the growth of Instagram popularity has been rapid. The platform has millions of daily users and millions of posts are being hosted every day making it a productive marketing tool for both large and small scale business owners.

However, you should have it in mind that to get favorable outputs from this platform, you need to constantly share contents that are of good quality and aid the growth of your brand.

Getting the kind of engaging content and constantly having to generate fresh ideas to be posted online might be a difficult task. Nevertheless, relieve yourself of brainstorming for engaging contents and opt in for instagram likes from Buzzvoice & apply the five amazing tips below as they would significantly increase your chances of success on the platform.

1. Seasonal Instagram posts:

There are so many festive periods yearly, and it is vital to creating seasonal and timely posts during such times. While creating these seasonal posts, take your time to make use of Apagraph as it would go along with the post and season as well.

2. Get conversational

Interacting with your customers is another way of increasing interest and engagement from followers of your page. Asking them for opinions and thoughts on a product is a good way to keep them engaged, you get to know your customers better while making them feel closer and more involved with the brand.

3. Be extra creative with captions

Nat Geo Wild have made a tradition of posting a short story alongside their photos to increase engagement. The picture is important but the message beneath has to complement it perfectly. Including back stories and origins alongside useful info on the product is a perfect way of doing this.

4. Mix it up

It is normal for you to desire a promotion of your goods and services, but when branding and marketing are all you do, it might reduce your followers’ interest on your page. It is especially true if they are not completely sold on the kinds of services and products you offer. To ensure followers remain engaged with your page, you can post something unrelated every now and then like a joke or news, it’s refreshing and keeps people your followers and potential customers interested in your page and products.

5. Get your brand a public face

Now this may be harder for some people to pull off than others, but getting a celebrity to model your product is priceless. Sports brands are known for this, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams appearing often in Nike adverts. These people are role models to many and their affiliation with your brand and products could be a quick ticket to fame.


Having exposed social media accounts is an important step in building a successful business. The internet is the fastest way to reach millions of people at a time and a properly advertised brand is key to success. The above steps should help in drawing traffic to your page, but here are a few more you can apply for effectiveness:

Use popular hashtags. Making use of trending hashtags is a good way to get more views and likes on your post. Also, using popular hashtags that are related to your line of work or industry makes it easier for potential customers on the platform to find you, hence, increasing your chances of success.

Build an image for your brand. Going back to Nike, a prime example of a well-advertised brand, they have built a strong brand image which makes them and their product unique and immediately recognizable worldwide. Their swoosh logo (worth $26 million) and the tagline ‘just do it’ have become their image, instantly setting them apart from the crowd. Applying a similar idea to your brand will no doubt boost your business. You should also consider a buyer persona while building your brand’s image.

Consistency is essential when it involves posting engaging contents on Instagram. While its advisable to branch out every now and then to mix things up, your marketing strategy and branding should pass across a single message to your customers and page followers. This is because inconsistent and contradictory posts can end up misinforming your followers which is bad for business.

With its increased popularity now resulting in millions of daily users on the site, having a loyal fan base on this platform is essential especially for large business owners. Following the above content would not only improve your chances of having a successful brand and standing out from the competition but also guide you in generating a large audience and turning your Instagram followers into loyal customers and a successful business.