We realize that even though organizations are now encouraged to be environmentally responsible and store their documents digitally, there is a want for firms still want to preserve some sensitive paper documents.

For many firms, keeping paper records is not only preferable but may also be required by law. For example, patient documents, PAYE data, occupational health records, and accident reports must all be kept for a long period.

However, keeping hundreds of papers on-site might be difficult. It doesn’t just cut down the amount of room in your offices; it also reduces the protection of your important data since you don’t have access to adequate security measures.

Fortunately, Docutech Solutions can help you save your information offsite in a secure manner. The firm’s secure document storage services provide several advantages for archiving documents off-site. Here are five reasons why your business should archive its data with Docutech Solutions:

1 – Space

Even when your papers are kept in filing cabinets or stored at a specific warehouse, having them on-site may use up a lot of room. You could save space by moving your documents and storing them at one of our secure archive sites in Newcastle or Chester. It’s space to operate your business whether this space is used for a less cluttered

2 – Security

Storing your paperwork puts your business at risk of important records being damaged, stolen, or lost. Docutech Solution’s advanced secure sites guarantee that your sensitive paper documents are fully safeguarded against natural and unexpected calamities thanks to our document security experts.

The firm’s two main document storage facilities are protected by cutting-edge security measures. Both locations are under constant CCTV surveillance and have biometric fingerprint access, as well as a secure perimeter fence that surrounds the buildings. The firm also adheres to the data protection act and is certified with ISO27001 and IS09001 for quality management and information security

The safe is designed with Redcare security systems that contact the police and fire brigade team if an intruder tries to break-in. A Vesda enhanced fire detection system, hydrosense water detection system, a temperature-controlled gauge, and an argon gas-protected storage are all included. These devices check for smoke, water, and temperature to guarantee

3 – Fast Document Access

If the information is kept in your home, finding it might be difficult. Locating a specific paper may be time-consuming and stressful. Sifting through filing cabinets to look for a single document may be undesirable and time-consuming.

When you store your papers with Docutech Solutions, you can request that they be indexed and retrieved in certain ways. The scan on-demand system incorporated into Docutech Solutions’ document storage services is provided by the firm. Customers may have documents sent to them digitally within two hours using this approach. As a result, Docutech Solutions can locate and send the

4 – Increased Workflow and Employee Efficiency

Filing, sifting, and finding papers is time-consuming, which is a waste of your business’s time and money.

Outsourcing your paperwork to Docutech Solutions means that your team will be working on their primary task, rather than filing documents all day. It eliminates a lot of employee time by allowing Docutech Solutions to scan and instantly transmit required papers to your computer in just 2 hours. Furthermore, sharing and promoting your data online is a lot easier and more convenient,

5 – Archive Management

It’s time-consuming to look for your papers and trying to keep track of and identify which ones you have is a pain.

Docutech Solutions offers a bespoke online document archive management system that allows archive storing customers to manage their document’s life cycle. Clients can make a physical file request, arrange collections and deliveries to add additional documents to the archive, manage the destruction of documents and view the activity and audit trails. This records management system means customers will always be in control of their documents and can simply request required actions regarding their life cycle.