Kids love a good story, and there’s no other book with quite so many stories as the Bible itself. Full of wonder, the power and glory of God’s will on Earth, and much more, the Bible makes the perfect bedtime story or general read for kids. But what can a child learn from it? What lessons are there that can make a difference in a child’s life?

In this guide, we’ll look at five important reasons to share Bible stories with the kids. Whether you’re looking to instill important values like honesty and humility or share God’s power, the Bible can provide it.

1. Inspiring Devotion

If you want your kids to love God, you’ll need to first inspire them with devotion to him and his cause. What better way to do this than by telling them the story of Noah? Of Daniel and the Lions? Of Christ’s Temptation? There are hundreds of stories to choose from that can help you inspire wonder and devotion among your children.

Noah’s ark is, of course, a family favorite. The story of Noah building a huge ark, gathering his family and two of every animal, and escaping the Great Flood inspires more than just devotion—it also showcases God’s power. When kids understand that God is both all-powerful and merciful, they have a more complete understanding of why he does what he does.

If you don’t have the time to read, there are plenty of alternatives online, like audio Bible stories for families. You can also utilize the James Earl Jones audio Bible, who kids may recognize as Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King.

2. Teaching About Humility

Many Bible stories focus on the idea of humility, which is an excellent lesson for both child and adult alike. If more of us practiced humility…well, we can speculate that the world might be a better place. In an individual sense, humility helps temper the ego and drives us away from selfish behavior toward a more rewarding path of acting selflessly and helping others.

It’s equally important for kids to learn to humble themselves before God and to understand his power. While the story of Jesus Christ might be the Bible’s shining example of humility, there are other stories like the story of Moses, Paul’s humility, and more.

Humility learned at an early age can have positive effects later in life. They’ll be more focused on other people and how they can serve the world and God instead of how they can serve themselves. This makes for better citizens and men and women of the world.

3. Accuracy

God and God’s works have been interpreted by countless people for thousands of years, but the Bible remains stalwart in its truth. It shows us who God really is, without the deception or false interpretations of others. God’s word rings loud and true in his stories and messages—all we have to do is read them and listen to the words.

In order to ensure your children get an accurate depiction of God, it’s a good idea to read Bible stories aloud with them and encourage them to ask questions. Don’t’ be afraid to leave difficult questions unanswered, as you can always ask your pastor or deacon. It’s always better to leave a question unanswered than to give a false answer—especially when you’re interpreting and sharing the word of God himself!

The Bible stories you choose to share with your children will likely stick with them for a lifetime, so choose stories that teach some of life’s most important lessons.

4. A Moral Code To Live By

Teaching kids morals can be something of a challenge in a world of conflicting viewpoints, changing norms, and uncertainty in places of power. The Bible provides a clear moral code that you can easily teach to children, based on the Ten Commandments.

It’s also important to teach children to reconcile their faith-based moral code with that of man. They’ll need to live by two sets of laws, but ultimately, God’s law is eternal and all-powerful.

5. Sharing A Wholesome Activity Together

Quality time spent with kids can enrich their lives and make them happier people in general. Nothing is more wholesome than sharing Bible stories that inspire greatness and devotion to God. They’ll learn about morals, how God works, and so much more while spending time with the people they love.

It’s also a good idea to include children in prayer, which is another wholesome activity that can stick with them well into adulthood. Children often pick up their parents’ traditions, so if you instill prayer and piety now while they’re young, they’re more likely to stick with it later.


Kids need structure, discipline, and quality time with their loved ones. Reading them Bible stories can provide all of this and more, and may impact them much later in life in a positive way. Make time to read favorite Bible stories and pray together for a happier, healthier, more cohesive family unit.