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Ground bars are bars made from galvanized steel, copper, or stainless steel. Their primary purpose is to protect your electrical appliances and equipment from electrical storms and high voltage electrical shocks by connecting ground wires from multiple electrical circuits to the neutral bar.

Although a ground bar is available in different materials, the most commonly used one is copper. They can be found in a variety of lengths and thicknesses depending upon the need of the customer. Sometimes they may also demand pre-drilled holes in these bars for quicker installation.

The ground bar is essential in both residential and industrial electric panels, but they do not provide any protection against the circuit and overload. To protect your panels from overload, you would require breakers and fuse that are to be used in the panel box.

1. How Do Ground Bars Work?

Electricity comes from your power supply and runs through your house until it reaches the end through the ground via the neutral bar. In any single-phase current, the black wire is considered to carry the maximum amount of volts.

The voltage in these wires can reach up to 110 volts, enough to create an electric shock through the human body. The role of a ground bar is to create zero voltage locations, which makes it difficult for someone to get electrocuted.

2. What Are They Made Of?

While some countries around the world use brass, but most ground bars in the United States ate made from plated aluminium. It is also common to find copper ground bars, but their conductivity of 28% make them less conducive than the aluminium that has 43% conductivity. Therefore, aluminium makes for a better choice when it comes to choosing the right ground bar material.

3. How Does Grounding System Work?

The main goal of a grounding system is to get the electricity to flow to the ground. This objective is achieved by attaching the earth ground wire to a grounding electrode. While you will find numerous ways to do it, such as through metal water supply pipes or rods driven through the ground, the most common method is to integrate it into the frames of metal buildings.

4. What Is The Installation Process?

When you are looking to get the ground bars installed, it is advisable to seek help from a trained technician or an electrician who has the expertise and the tools to carry out the task effectively. The professionals would not only know how to do the installation properly but also be able to do it safely. It is also a safer choice because if you try to do the installation yourself, you may end up hurting yourself or get electrocuted.

Dealing with electrical current is a tricky business and can be highly dangerous. This is why many insurance companies also encourage their customers to get the ground bars installed only from a licensed professional.

Some people don’t understand that dealing with electricity is not an easy process, especially if you have no experience in it. This is why when power-related issues occur, such as power surges or outages, a lot of people don’t know how to deal with it the right way.

Never try to tackle an electrical problem yourself. The safest way to handle any power-related issues and installation of ground bars is to choose a certified electrician.