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Dognapping is not the only reason why you should track your dog with GPS. Keep reading for 3 key reasons why you should track your dog with GPS.

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. From the way we go about our weekly grocery shop with human free stores where you scan and pay with your phone. Even the way we work out has evolved. It’s no surprise then that technology is changing the way we keep track of our beloved pets as well.

Like the find my iPhone app which allows you to find your Apple devices wherever you have left them, more and more people are turning to track my dog software that enables them to find their pooch wherever he or she is.

Here are 3 reasons why you should track your dog.

1. Dogs Are Unpredictable and Fast

If a little child runs off then the chances are they won’t have got very far. Their legs are small and they often resort to crawling. A dog, on the other hand, is nimble and within no time can be several streets away.

Perhaps they’ve spotted another dog or a cat that you hadn’t noticed and they’ve gone chasing after it. Or perhaps they’ve gone to jump in a nearby body of water to cool off.

A GPS tracker for dogs ensures you can track your pet and find them instantly rather than having to wander aimlessly up and down the street.

2. Dogs Can Be Kidnaped by Criminals

In foreign countries such as China and Vietnam, the value of kidnapping is clear: they can be sold off, killed and then chopped up as meat for sale in noodle soups at the local market.

Luckily this rarely happens in Western countries who do not eat dog meat. However, so-called ‘dognapping’ are still big business. The motive here is not to kill the dogs but to sell them on if they are a valuable pedigree or to breed them to make even more money.

A GPS tracker can ensure that even if the worst-case scenario happens and your dog is bundled into a back of a van you can still hunt them down and catch the criminals red-handed.

3. Holding a Dog on a Leash Can Be Cruel

To truly protect your dog you will have to hold it on a leash the whole time. This can be cruel as it never gets a chance to run around and be free. Even indoors children and other people you share your house with tend to open and close doors meaning your dog can escape.

A GPS tracker and other tech such as that on MyDogisaRobot can give you the peace of mind that when your dog runs off he or she can be found easily, without the need for holding them on a leash every moment of the day.

Track Your Dog to Keep Them Safe

Whilst it’s true we live in an age of a lot of crime including so-called dog napping, the increase in technology means we also have a lot of tools at our disposal to prevent crime and keep our pets safe.

Whilst an app to track your dog may seem over-the-top, it can help to ensure that if they run off you will know where they are straight-away without having to worry.

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