You won’t believe what some of these people do for a living. Check out these most strangest jobs and tell us if you could handle doing any of them.

1. Professional Luggage Organizer

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 1

Mothers in New York are now contracting professional luggage organizers to pack their kid’s bags for summer camp. To hire one of these organizers it costs around $250 an hour and it can take up to four hours to be fully packed and ready.

$1000 to pay somebody to pack your kids bags, is it worth it?

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2. Family For Hire

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 2

Realtors have discovered that it is easier to sell a house if it is lived in. So there are families who are contracted to live in luxury houses dirt cheap. But there are several conditions, they must keep the house in pristine condition and be ready to vacate the premises immediately if sold.

3. Professional Sleeper

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 3

There are several hotels around the world that contract people to sleep in their rooms to test the comfort and experience of the hotel. It is also usually required that the guests blogs about their experience too.

4. Professional Cliff Diver

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 4

Cliff Diving is the most dangerous job on our list and requires guts and precision. These professional divers are part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series but due to low income from this job they usually have to take another job too.

5. Professional Iceberg Mover

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 5

After the Titanic tragedy in 1912, the International Ice Patrol was created to remove rogue icebergs and prevent any further incidents.

Using satellites, radar and airplanes the seas are searched for these icebergs and if any are found they are towed to an area where they do not pose a threat.

Towing an iceberg can take up to 72 hours, as the boat needs ten hours to reach a speed of just one nautical mile (6076 feet) per hour.

6. Watching Paint Dry

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 6

This has to be one of the most boring jobs in the world. Paint company, Dulex contracts people to watch paint dry and take note of the changing colors. They also have to examine the process under a microscope as well as on the walls.

7. Professional Hitchhikers

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 7

The Indonesian capital city Jakarta has about 20 million registered cars and huge traffic problems. To encourage car sharing authorities have introduced “Three in One” zones which can only be accessed by vehicles carrying at least three passengers.

This has sparked off a new occupation called professional hitchhiking were people are paid to ride in cars so that they may enter these restricted zones.

This is actually illegal and so mothers often take their young to be more convincing and it also adds as an extra person.

8. Barbecue Critic

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 8

Daniel Vaughn quit his day job as an architect to become a bbq critic at Texas Monthly magazine. He eats out at numerous different restaurants a week and gets paid for his opinion. While this may sound like a dream job, imagine all the calories he puts on every week.

9. Professional Mourner

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 9

In Taiwan people like to have dramatic funerals which has sparked wealthy families to hire professional mourners to cry, sing and crawl on the ground to show their grief.

This craze kicked off in the seventies when sons and daughters went off to work in the cities and couldn’t make it back for funerals. The parents would then hire replacement kids.

While this was very popular years ago it is a dying trade.

10. Human Scarecrow

10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World 10

Due to straw scarecrows not having much effect a British farmer decided to employ a guy as a human scarecrow. All he had to do was sit in the middle of the field and scare the birds away. The twenty two year old student was given a cowbell, accordion and a bright orange coat to frighten the partridges.

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