natural cures for migraines

Check out these 10 Natural Cures For Migraines for a better day.

Agonizing pain in your head, stomach upset, and possibly even an aura – if you have ever suffered from a migraine before, then you know what it feels like.

In the midst of pain it may feel hopeless to find relief, there are several things you can do. Here are 10 ways to cure a migraine or prevent one from escalating:

Natural Cures For Migraines

1.Drink water. This is the simplest task that may actually help you the greatest. Many migraines are caused by the simple fact that you are dehydrated. Drinking a few large glasses of pure water will set you in the direction for recovery.
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2.Aromatherapy. Many essential oils are known to work at reducing (and possibly eliminate completely) the severity of a migraine. Natural plant oils can be great at inducing relaxation and the mind to clear. Some oils that work best include: sandlewood, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and more.
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3.Massage. A massage of your head, face, and neck can quickly relieve any muscle tension that may be influencing the headache.
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4.Hot Shower. The hot water from the shower can cause tension in the neck, back, and face to relax. You can influence the shower experience by also using soaps, washes, and lotions with essential oils.
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5.Pressure Points. Placing pressure on certain parts of your body, if done correctly, can greatly help to reduce the severity of a headache. Find the bone where your index finger and thumb meet and place pressure on that area for about 2 minutes.
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6.Resting and Relaxing in a Dark Room. Because people are very sensitive to light and sound during a migraine, the simple task of resting in a dark quiet room for several hours can cure a migraine.
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7.Calcium. Either through foods or as a supplement, calcium helps to relax muscles and increase bloodflow. This will help to reduce the tension and pain. However, always remember to take or eat foods with magnesium with the calcium in order to not upset your digestive system and achieve maximum results.
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8.Ice Pack. Use either an ice pack, cold towel, or frozen item and apply it to the back of your neck. This will help to alleviate tension and reduce inflammation. Hold the pack on your neck in 5 to 10 minute intervals.
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9.Exercise. If the migraine is severe, this will not be easy to do though exercise is something to consider as a preventative. Excercise increases circulation and bloodflow, which allows more oxygen and blood to flow to the brain. By making exercise part of your regular weekly routine you can greatly reduce your chances of suffering from a migraine in the future.
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10.Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium). Although it is not specially designed for migraines, many migraine sufferers find relief by taking this herbal supplement. Feverfew capsules can be found at any larger department store or health food store.
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