In just a couple of years, mobile apps have changed our cultural landscape. They have transformed the way people travel, rent accommodations, play games and order takeout.

No matter you are tech savvy or a smartphone novice, there are mobile apps that will enhance your user experience. These days, it is all about apps no matter the activity, product or service.

Even though there are a ton of apps available out there – with more being introduced every day, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth trying out. But if you’re a gadget lover in particular, the determining factors do vary.

If you are looking for apps, a simple search will present you with thousands of results online. Remember, not all of them are going to be useful. In fact, many of them may be malicious. For this reason, you will need to do your homework regarding what apps are genuine and what are not.

Without getting into further details, let’s take a look at 10 must-have apps that you will have a field day with; that is, if you are a gadget lover after all.

1. Dashlane

Dashlane is one of those password managers that will be useful on a daily basis. Once you set it up, it syncs across all of your devices, storing all your passwords. This app will serve as your essential locker for password which are encrypted so you will not have to worry about your security being compromised. If not for passwords, you can also secure your credit card information, receipts and notes too.

2. Flipboard

For all your relaxation and entertainment needs, you should give Flipboard a try. Once you have installed the app, you will get a personalized and precise collage of news that is actually important to you. Never again will you have to worry about going through fluff, as Flipboard aggregates news stories based on your preferences.

3. Headspace

For success in business and life, you will need a clear mind. This is where Headspace will be of great use to you. By using the Headspace app daily, you will get your dose of meditation whenever you want. No matter how busy you are, it is important that you give your mental health first priority. Whenever you feel down or out of focus, Headspace will get you back on track by realigning and refocusing you with your core to achieve clarity so that you can thrive like never before.

4. Simplenote

If you really care about productivity, then you should not look further than Simplenote. This productivity app will allow you to jot down to-do items and thoughts that accumulate over the day. During downtime between day-to-day actions and meetings, you can work on refining the notes you have jotted down and start working on them by queuing them as tasks for yourself or your employees.

5. Trello

One of the best things about Trello is that it is simple and flexible. It is also relevant for numerous users and extremely powerful at the same time. Agreed, at its core it is just some lists that are arranged in a visually striking manner. Yet, when used effectively, it can be used to carry out personal tasks, enable collaboration throughout an organization, prioritize work for different teams and can be discussed about during meetings. Trello is colorful, fast, and dynamic — making it a joy to use.

6. NPR One

There are plenty of reasons why you will love the NPR One app; one of them being the ability to listen to headlines while you are driving to work or returning home. During your drive, the app will let you list to newscasts from the top, that too without any advertising at all. It’s just like your personal radio station — you can listen to programs and podcasts via on-demand listening.

7. Blinkist

To challenge yourself physically and mentally, you should definitely check out Blinkist. With this app, you can read in short bursts, especially during breaks. You will also be pleased to know you can track your activities on your iWatch.

8. Apple Health

When it comes to monitoring your overall health, nothing comes close to Apple Health. With this app, you will get access to handy features like breathing monitor, blood pressure monitor and so much more. Sync it up with an Apple Watch and all your information will be updated automatically. If that is not enough, you can keep track of your sleeping and running too. With so much to offer, Apple Health gives an elaborate overview of where you stand and where you should be headed in terms of your overall health.

9. Microsoft Outlook Mobile

For a great calendar plus email app, Microsoft Outlook Mobile will meet and exceed your expectations. If and when you are traveling, you will find it incredibly helpful to have your calendar and mail integrated into one application. It will combine your calendars and inboxes from different services, not limited to Google. It also offers the ability to deal with particular emails later on with a simple swipe.

10. Notion

The Notion app will be of great use to you throughout the day. It is no different from Wiki, albeit an advanced version with support for calendars, task managers, ad-hoc simple databases and notes. Over time, you will rely on it extensively due to its ability to serve as a control center for activities to be distributed between teams — making it an excellent choice for businesses that wish to grow and expand by leaps and bounds.

The Final Verdict

These are just a few of many apps out there that will appeal to gadget lovers — gaming up their smartphone obsession. The good news is; you will come across plenty of them on the Play Store/App Store. Just make sure you go through their reviews.

The last thing you need is a buggy app with tall claims. But, if you have already mistakenly downloaded a malicious app or it does not synchronize with your tech gadget, you need to hire professional help –Geek Squad Calgary – to get all the assistance you need, without any hassle.

So, if you want a personalized experience with your smartphone, download these apps and get your hands on some really smart tech advancements.