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10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer

Hate flying but love to travel? Then here are some useful tips to help reduce the stress of being a nervous flyer.

Even though I love to travel and have visited many amazing places I kinda hate the flying part. I used to love flying at a younger age but I seemed to have become a lot more nervous with age. From the moment I take off to the moment I land I am in a state of fear but I am learning to deal with flying a bit better thanks to these following tips.

1. Sit At The Front


Turbulence feels a lot rougher at the back of the plane so you should always try and get a seat as far forward as possible. If you happen to miss out on a seat upfront a polite chat with the person at the check in desk may get you a seat more closer to the front.

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2. Don’t Drink Coffee Before Flying

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 2

You shouldn’t drink coffee before or during a flight because caffeine increases stress and nervousness. Drink passion fruit juice instead as it has a natural calming effect and may even help you sleep during your flight.

3. Remember That Planes Are The Safest Mode Of Transport

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 3

Even though hurtling through the air at 500 mph high above the ground may seem dangerous it is actually the safest way to travel. More people die every year in car crashes than plane crashes and you aren’t afraid to get in a car are you?

4. Distract Yourself

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 4

If you have a fear of flying then your mind can be your enemy. You start building up images of crashes and questioning whether the wing is gonna fall off or something worse.

STOP!! Distract your mind by thinking of where you are traveling to and what you are going to do when you arrive there.

5. Do Simple Puzzles

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 5

Another way to keep you mind busy is to do simple puzzles. I always take a small Sudoku puzzle book with me and keeps me busy for the whole flight.


6. Travel With A Calm Person

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 6

Traveling with someone who is calm will have a positive effect on you. Seeing that person at ease and relaxed can be very reassuring for who is not. But, traveling with somebody who is more nervous than you can have the opposite effect.

7. Get To know The Air Hostess

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 7

Air Hostess are really helpful and friendly towards nervous fliers, so introduce yourself to them.

8. Try And Sleep

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 8

I find taking a nap can help pass the time away and you also arrive at your destination feeling a bit more refreshed. If you have difficulty sleeping then put noise cancelling earbuds for sleeping on and listen to some relaxing music.

9. Research About Turbulence Before Flying

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 9

Study up on turbulence before hand so when the winds kick in you will understand what is happening and feel a bit more reassured. Even though turbulence can be traumatizing remember that the pilots are trained for it and the planes are designed to handle the effects.

10. Get A Cell Phone App For Nervous Flyers

10 Tips To Help Calm A Nervous Flyer 10

Virgin Atlantic has an iPhone app for nervous flyers. The app features videos, relaxation exercises and quizzes to help overcome the fear of flying. Virgen claim they have a success rate of more than 98%. Find out more about the app here.

Do you know of any other great calming tips for nervous flyers?